Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cambridge, MA, USA, prepares to destroy the heart of the Cambridge Common, part 2, the mark of planned death.

It is absolutely horrible to see the accelerating environmental destruction by the City of Cambridge, MA, USA, and its friends.

The real horror is the nonstop lies of
“holier than thou” and
claims that they do not control their destructive friends running around Cambridge lying of the City’s holiness and
claims that they are not controlling the Department of Conservation and Recreation doing Cambridge’s dirtiwork at the state level.

This is the second report on the imminent destruction of the heart of the Cambridge Common.  This report is based on photos I took yesterday, May 24, 2014.  The first report is posted at

Yesterday’s report includes a lot of links to reports of destruction by this reprehensible city government, and my analysis of whom the destruction is intended to benefit.

My prior tree by tree photo analysis of planned destruction on the Cambridge Common is included in the links.

This is the balance of the photos from yesterday.  I did not publish these yesterday because I accidentally saved them as movies.  I have obtained stills from the movies.  The stills follow.

The purpose of these depictions was to record trees I saw marked for TOTALLY WASTEFUL destruction.  These are the precursors on the coming much larger outrage coming on the Charles River in House Bill H4009.

The next to the last photo translates the mark of death.  This is a tree which was incorrectly marked.  The marker covered up the marking and wrote that this one should not be destroyed.

Cambridge, MA, USA, has a truly reprehensible city government.