Monday, April 14, 2014

MassDOT Meeting concerning Charles River: Scoundrel Praises Scoundrels

1. Introduction.
2. Scoundrel praises scoundrels.
A. General.
B. The actions of “Activist A.”
C. You can’t possibly be that stupid.
D. This woman endorsed the fake neighborhood association to MassDOT as the representative of the Cambridgeport neighborhood.

1. Introduction.

Last Thursday, I attended a meeting conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) concerning the future of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) in the vicinity of the exits to the Allston neighborhood of Boston and to Cambridge, MA.

I have been racking my brain on how to communicate this very major meeting as well as possible. I could emphasize substance. I could emphasize the turnout of the Cambridge Machine.

To me, however, there was one speech which brought to a head the filth which dominates the destruction of the environment being fought for by Cambridge, MA and its friends, and that demonstrated the core part of the rottenness.

Subsequent reports will follow on the two apparent subjects.

2. Scoundrel praises scoundrels.

A. General.

This is the core of the rotten situation. Cambridge politics lives in its own world because there are so many people who are either scoundrels or controlled by scoundrels running around praising each other that it is next to impossible for decent human beings to recognize reality. The “reality” they are being presented is a very warped version of reality, but decent human beings are overwhelmed by a feeling that all these folks cannot possibly be wrong. That feeling is incorrect.

B. The actions of “Activist A.”

Activist A spoke at the meeting in favor of the fake neighborhood association the Cambridge Machine is putting out as the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association.” She is part of the Cambridge Machine. The fake neighborhood association is part of the Cambridge Machine. So, of course, she praised the fake Neighborhood Association.

C. You can’t possibly be that stupid.

This is commonly the key criteria in the evaluation of scoundrels and folks controlled by scoundrels in Cambridge, MA, USA. Whether they are one or the other is irrelevant. They all function the same. So there is no functional difference. As far as I am concerned, if they function as scoundrels whether through stupidity or otherwise, they are still scoundrels. I have better things to do that try to save the unsaveable.


Activist A and her friends ran around for months pushing a proposal for Lechmere Station on the Green Line which they lied was the neighborhood proposal. Why was it the neighborhood proposal? Because she called it the neighborhood proposal. There was no other basis to call it the neighborhood proposal, a standard technique of the Cambridge Machine.

Lechmere Station is the current northwestern terminus for the Boston area collection of streetcars. This collection of streetcars is referred to by the name of the “Green Line.”

Lechmere Station as it has been for a Century, give or take, is being abandoned because the streetcar line is extending beyond Lechmere Station to Union Square, Somerville, and to Tufts University. In order to get there, the existing Lechmere Station is being replaced by a new Lechmere Station on the other side of a main boulevard.

The existing Lechmere Station will not be used after the relocation of the streetcar line, so there is a good reason to be concerned about the future of the site.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation proposed that it be turned into a park.

Parks are nice. Cambridge, MA has much less parks than it should have and it is next to impossible to find appropriate space available for park creation in this densely developed city.

Activist A did not like the park proposal. Activist A thought it called for too much open space.

So Activist A proposed an alternative. Like so many Cambridge Machine projects, her project turned on a secret definition.

She ran around yelling that she wanted a plaza and “neglecting” to mention her secret definition of a plaza.

Her secret definition of a “plaza” was a ten story building on the western end of Lechmere Station and a four story building on the eastern end of Lechmere Station with a plaza between the two.

So, if you opposed her “plaza” and supported the DCR proposal of 100% open space, you were condemned as anti open space by the Cambridge Machine.

Need I say more?

She and her friends, by lying that they were meaningfully fighting for open space, and lying that they were “the neighborhood,” overwhelmed the discussion and helped kill meaningful open space for the Lechmere Station site.

I do not know whether their destructiveness helped a developer or helped some sort of bizarre goal of the City of Cambridge.

What I do know is that this “activist” hurt the neighborhood and the city by helping kill 100% meaningful open space at Lechmere Station through the technique of

(1) lying that they were fighting for open space

(2) lying that they were “the neighborhood,”

(3) a secret definition that two buildings with a plaza between them was open space, rather than the DCR proposal for 100% open space, and

(4) a very sick use of misleading words with secret definitions.

This is the way things are done in Cambridge, MA, USA. This is the Cambridge Machine.

D. This woman endorsed the fake neighborhood association to MassDOT as the representative of the Cambridgeport neighborhood.