Saturday, March 05, 2016

Charles River: A selected before and after of the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees.

Charles River: A selected before and after of the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees.

Before and after, Charles River, January 2016.

The City of Cambridge, the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation, and their cheerleaders call this environmentalism.

The Cambridge City Council is considering whether or not to rehire the Cambridge City Manager.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is considering whether the DCR should manage open space being created in its rebuild of I90 (Mass. Pike) on the Allston side of the Charles River from Magazine Beach.

The DCR is proposing more destruction at Magazine Beach on the Charles River, and proposes the destruction of hundreds more trees.

Driving down Storrow Drive on the Boston side of the Charles River, I admired the magnificent trees on the Esplanade and thought what was unthinkable before the outrages of January.  Those excellent trees would make magnificent paydays for the same contractors who destroyed the magnificence of Cambridge side.

The sick mentality which destroyed the Cambridge side and stands ready to do more destruction was exactly what the legislature was trying to protect the Charles from when the legislature replaced the Metropolitan District Commission with the DCR and MassDOT.

However, the MDC planners and their sick mentality went to DCR.  MDC should be finally destroyed by destroying the DCR on the Charles River.

MassDOT has stood up to DCR and Cambridge.  The need for MassDOT in place of DCR is obvious.  There is too much more to destroy.

And, of course, the Cambridge City Manager should be fired.

Need I say more?

PS: The facebook post got a response of a figure with head bowed and the following:

The after photo looks awful. What is their reasoning?

My Response:

That is just a tiny part of the outrage.

Please look at my blog post during the middle of their destruction of magnificence next to the main MIT Campus, at

They change the “reason” in accordance with what the audience will swallow.  In this report, I spend the equivalence of two typewritten pages debunking excuse after excuse after excuse.  You are looking at the archetype of Make work for Contractors.

This report also provides background information and ON SITE PHOTOS of the horror.  Plus it provides a list of 34 reports with before pictures and destruction pictures.

Here is a selected photo from the report.  The destruction vehicle is hoisting the destroyed trunk of one of a row of nine identical and destroyed trees.  Compare its size to the size of the worker.  It was alive and excellent half an hour earlier.