Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Day 376, Blogger praises environmental destruction, heartless animal abuse, neglects to mention the environmental destruction, heartless animal abuse

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. General.
2. Latest Outrage.

1. General.

In the late afternoon, early rush hour, Monday, August 31, 2009, I greeted people at the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The view of the outrage was quite clear from the sidewalk.

Pedestrians were interested and concerned. An increased number of drivers pulled over for leaflets.

2. Latest Outrage.

The bad guys in Cambridge tend to scratch each others' backs a lot.

When a member of the Cambridge Pols praises somebody, and you are pro-environment, look out for the guy getting praised.

The City of Cambridge’s Cambridgeport group runs a listserve on which I have been active. I have recently been amazed to see some of my more indignant posts get passed on to the list.

A few weeks ago, the head of the group issued glowing praise for a new blog which he said was given a link on their website.

Kathy Podgers asked to also be given a link for her blog. That request was copied to me by Kathy but was not passed on to the list.

Yesterday, I asked for a link to this blog. That request was passed on to the list.

My request read:


Looking at the Cambridgeport blog you have praised so highly, I see an outrageous piece praising the ongoing Magazine Beach / Goose Meadow / Memorial Drive environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

A semblance of neutrality would be to post a link to somebody pro-environment and opposed to heartless animal abuse, our blog, charlesriverwhitegeese.blogspot.com.


Last Saturday, this blogger praised the outrage going on at Magazine Beach and the outrage associated with the BU Bridge repairs. The blogger neglected to mention the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse. He did mention “bureaucratic infighting” with regard to the latter.

The blogger also commented on the plan to destroy hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive as a preservation project while mentioning that the plan is “controversial.”

The blogger responded off list yesterday that he “makes a strong effort to maintain neutrality.”


My response to the blogger was:

"You praised an environmental destructive project.

"You praised heartless animal abuse.

"You neglected to mention the environmental destruction.

"You neglected to mention the heartless animal abuse.

"That is not neutral. That is false and misleading praise because the environmental destructiveness is so major.

"Praise of this sort is not neutral, it is part of a continuing con game in which a very destrucive city council and governor lie that they are pro environment, and with regard to their accelerating heartless animal abuse, propounds the lie that they are decent human beings."


I have long since stopped trying to read the mind of people taking initiatives destructive of the environment in Cambridge. I have long since stopped trying to figure out whether any individual is a knave or a fool.

With regard to this individual, his entry came after really outrageous behavior by environmental destroyers and heartless animal abusers, with no mention whatsoever of the outrages.

The entry as of the writing of this report is unchanged.

That says everything.