Monday, July 15, 2013

Major destruction action on Charles River, Cambridge, MA NOW

1. Introduction.
2. Longfellow Bridge.
3. The flat out corruption of “Underpasses.”
4. Chortling by the reprehensible “conservancy.”
5. Contacts, Miscellaneous.

1. Introduction.

Photo before.

Photo after first two attacks.

Compare the photos closely. The first photo has three excellent trees to the left of the opening. The second has one.

The supposed explanations are consistently nonsense.

Destruction could resume today, July 15, 2013.

Trees in the background could be could be part of the hundreds which could be destroyed by deceptive fine print in the Governor’s Budget, fine print which is the result of a campaign of lies and corruption which have continued very much unabated. Bond authorization for the destruction of hundreds of trees destroyed with explained by flat out lies.

It is horrible to be constantly exposed to belligerent corruption by people who seek the votes of environmentalists.

2. Longfellow Bridge.

This excellent grove is in Cambridge, MA to the east of the Longfellow Bridge connecting Beacon Hill in Boston, MA, and Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. The grove lines the ramp from Memorial Drive to the Boston bound side of the Bridge.

The real explanation for this outrage seems to be that destruction is being accomplished by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation as an engineers’ toy. They are rebuilding the Longfellow Bridge and want to drain rain on the bridge in a fancy manner. Now would it not be beautiful to have “natural” drainage instead of messy street run off sewers?

That is the total real explanation for the destruction.

Irresponsible and stupid.

The “explanations” have gotten cuter.

The destruction has been explained as assisting the handicapped. The trees they are not destroying are being moved from this excellent, well established grove in Cambridge to beautify a new overpass with handicapped capability. Outrageously irresponsible, but Cambridge has a very rotten Machine which does a lot of lying and Boston has responsible activists.

MassDOT has also indulged in nonsense which lies about impact on the sewer system. Massachusetts sewers are going from combined sewer systems in which street runoff is combined with human waste to separating the two. You cannot put street runoff into the system managing human waste. The fact that street runoff belongs in the street run off sewers is not mentioned.

3. The flat out corruption of “Underpasses.”

A falsely named group which runs around lying that it is a “conservancy” has gotten a lot of people to support “underpasses” for three bridges west of the BU Bridge. They lie by omission of the fact that their package includes destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.

The “underpasses” themselves are so irresponsible that MassDOT, which would be responsible for them, rejects them outright.

The governor’s budget includes $4 million for the “underpasses” in spite of the MassDOT opposition. Much more importantly, it includes $24 for “paths” associated with the “underpasses”, the bike highway which would destroy all those trees.

The fake “neighborhood association” in Cambridgeport brilliantly demonstrated the corruption of the Cambridge Machine by its corrupt creation of a “vote” supporting the portion of the bike highway which is part of the doubling of environmental damage at Magazine Beach. They could not get a supporting vote in their January 2013 meeting, so they postponed action to their February meeting. They conducted their February meeting on April 23, 2013, driving away the folks who showed up in January. After devoting the entire January meeting to the topic, the discussion was restricted to the last ten minutes of the April 23, 2013 meeting. A very complicated and misleading motion was passed out at the beginning of the last ten minutes, then was “voted on” by a group consisting of robots and of people who could care less about the Charles River.

This corruption is normal in Cambridge, MA, and is entirely consistent with the very serious lies of omission through which “support” for an irresponsible “underpasses” proposal has been converted through flat out corruption into “support” for the destruction of hundreds of trees between the Longfellow and BU Bridge.

Funds were previously sought by the Department of Conservation and Recreation through Obama moneys. The lie that time was that all these excellent trees were diseased. That lie was proven by their filing with the Conservation Commission of the City of Cambridge.

Another common lie from these people has been the non stop lie of “no intention” to harm the Charles River White Geese. Their secret definition of “harm” does not include deliberate starvation or repeated outrages such as the use of their nesting area for parking with dumping of crushed stone in the middle. Then we go into the corrupt vote just taken by the Cambridge Machine.

The vote in the legislature has been reported as scheduled for Wednesday, July 17.

4. Chortling by the reprehensible “conservancy.”

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” is the front organization fighting for this outrage. It has major funding from Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, plus many other entities who would benefit from environmental destruction, while, of course, lying that they are holier than thou. I have gone over its funding in prior reports.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has announced it is still fighting for its falsely named “underpasses” proposal through discussions with legislators.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has cooed at the first destruction of the grove next to the Longfellow Bridge.

Corruption, corruption, corruption. Business as usual by those fighting for destruction on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA.

5. Contacts, Miscellaneous.

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

State environmental people, DES Hotline:

MassDOT Accelerated Bridges Program: 857-368-8904 or

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

Cambridge, MA, USA city councilors:


For people listening to Boston Sierra Club endorsements of environmentally destructive members of the Cambridge City Council, you should be aware that

(1) using the world’s definition of “environmentalism,” there are no environmentally responsible members of the Cambridge City Council, and

(2) there are Cambridge Machine activists very visible and apparently very active in the Boston Sierra Club.

If you are talking to a person associated with the Boston Sierra Club, do a credibility check. Ask if they are familiar with the “Urban Ring” rapid transit proposal. This is a subway proposal designed to link the existing subway spokes. I have been working on it since 1985. Cambridge raised the project in a comment to an environmental Impact Statement in the last month or so.

If the Boston Sierra Club “expert” answers “yes,” that he / she is familiar with the Urban Ring rapid transit proposal, ask how many rail options there are. If the answer is “one,” you are getting the flat out lie put out by the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge’s flat out lie is that, of the TWO rail options, the only one that exists is the environmentally destructive streetcar option which the City of Cambridge supports. This option would be highly destructive to the environment near the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

The reality is that THE STATE LEGISLATURE HAS SUBSIDIZED THE OTHER OPTION, the responsible Orange Line / heavy rail option, the Kenmore crossing. The state legislature has subsidized the expansion of Yawkey Station as part of the massive Fenway Park area project which has gotten recent press.

Cambridge’s nonsensical proposal would move Yawkey Station three blocks. The Cambridge proposal would not work without moving Yawkey Station. The Kenmore Crossing uses the now subsidized and being expanded Yawkey Station as part of a brilliant megastation.

You should immediately respond to such nonsense from a Sierra Club “expert” by having nothing more to do with this person. Whether the person is stupid or venal is irrelevant, the person has no credibility and is not worthy of your time.

It is frequently difficult to pin these irresponsible people down in general. The deviant behavior in my test is extreme. They are pious in their demands that, if you are politically correct and pro environment, you have to rubber stamp them. Please do not waste your time arguing about destruction they can try to wiggle around.

Turn your back on them and walk away fast.