Sunday, September 01, 2013

Very Partial Summary of Atrocities, Cambridge, MA, USA

I promised a non incumbent city council candidate some documentation on destruction.

I sent a little more than I intended but this summary, as limited as it is, could be of value to people talking to the Cambridge Machine or to any Cambridge City Council incumbent, current or recent past, or even to decent human beings fooled by the non stop holier than thou lies coming out of the City of Cambridge and the Cambridge Machine. Slight edits


It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday. I am following up, as promised.

A sample of how I work on my cable show can be seen at This is part of my interview of Jamake Pasqual during the last election. A more general sample of my performance work may be seen at This is my Actor’s Reel, presenting clips from five gigs and a Phoenix Photo from a sixth. The Aerodynamics clip was shot at ImprovBoston. The final Phoenix photo is from a show I MC’d at The Oberon, 2 Arrow Street, a coed / mixer targeted burlesque event.

The imminent state fight to destroy hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges is posted at This is House Bill 3332 submitted by the governor on March 15, 2013.

A recent pairing of the Longfellow Bridge destruction of trees in Cambridge with the outrage at Magazine Beach is posted at

A response to an individual “environmentalist” fighting for the destruction of those hundreds of trees is posted at

A summary of the tree destruction in Cambridge so far, associated with the Longfellow Bridge project, is posted at

The vote to destroy those 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common is posted at

Corrupt tactics by the Cambridge Machine in fighting to expand the destruction at Magazine Beach in spite of very clear opposition and, buried, destroy those hundreds of trees is reported at

Photos of the planned destruction on the Cambridge Common are posted at

My report of major destruction at the tiny area to which Cambndge and the DCR are confining the Charles River White Geese while they starve them is posted at

Before pictures on this destruction are posted at

First stage destruction of Cambridge and DCR owned property at Alewife is posted at I have repeatedly reported on the ongoing fight by the fake Alewife group for further destruction.

Part of the destruction on the Charles in the Governor’s bond bill is posted at

The councilor who was apparently fired for minimizing the Monteiro outrage had a few choice comments, posted at

Photos of the outrage at Magazine Beach are posted at

Plans for further destruction at the Destroyed Nesting Area and the responsible alternative are posted at


I did edit out some language particularly identifying the individual. In any case, this summary is OF NECESSITY partial.

Cambridge, MA, USA has a really rotten city government working with really rotten state bureaucrats and a governor who has apparently given in to the dark side.

I would anticipate that many of the links include my list of people to contact and my technique of evaluating and responding to destructive folks in the Boston Sierra Club when such folks are spouting out flat out lies apparently originating in the government of the City of Cambridge.