Sunday, September 20, 2009


Archie Mazmanian reports:

The annual slaughter of baby seals in Canada for their pelts continues despite the protests of animal rights groups. Over the years such protests have at least resulted in limitations on the numbers of baby seals slaughtered.

The Charles River White Geese are not being slaughtered in a similar manner for their down. But dead is dead. And that will be the result for these White Geese as they are slowly squeezed to oblivion, the entire gaggle. No, our government officials responsible for this do not have the blood of the White Geese on their hands as do the bashers of the baby seals. But in the end, what’s the difference, what’s more humane? DEAD IS DEAD!

Great Blue Heron and other fine residents – Yo, Save the Geese

Bob La Trémouille reports.

Kathy Podgers has provided some fine links to photos of the Charles River.

I find it quite interesting that the Federal EPA has some excellent photos of the Charles River White Geese, under attack by a really bad Cambridge City Council, by a Department on Conservation and Recreation which has been sanctioned by the Boston Conservation Commission for its environmental destructiveness and by a bunch of other baddies.

Regrettably, one of the other baddies has announced for US Senate. Capuano’s successes include Obama money for destruction of hundreds of healthy trees on the Charles River and further heartless animal abuse directed at the Charles River White Geese. Capuano would fit in very well with the Cambridge City Council. We have a judge’s decision calling the City of Cambridge “reprehensible” in the Monteiro civil rights case.

The last is an excellent collection from Phil Barber who has followed the Charles River White Geese closely. I am quite certain we have a link to it.

She provided the following in a transmittal:

The first is a beautiful analysis which I was aware of but had not seen before. I am quite pleased to now see it.

The last is Roy Bercaw’s excellent video from 2000. The transmittals say 2001. The video says 2000.

The dellybean collection is on a link from this blog. As the author of the third item, I strongly support it.

Kathy earlier provided the following, from a film competition, with the following introduction:

“Marilyn, the film fest movie star! Have you heard this?”

This was done by a group of Northeastern University students.

Thank you very much Kathy.