Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Boston Globe Op Ed Against Department of Conservation and Recreation

Bob reports:

Eric Chivian has had published in today’s (12/27/09) Boston Globe’s on line edition (and probably hard copy as well) an op ed entitled “The folly in felling Bay State’s Forests.”

This is an intelligent analysis of the logging tendencies of the reprehensible Department of Conservation and Recreation. It may be found at

I have already posted a response concerning the Charles River and the interrelationship with the reprehensible City of Cambridge. (That judge has an excellent choice of words.)

Thanks to Archie for pointing the op ed out.

It should be noted that the Cambridge Pols are involved in a non-stop praising exercise in support of this vile entity. This is basically an example of really bad people falsely praising other really bad people with the intension that both the bad guys look good to the unaware victim.

On looking over the comments, I note a lot of other comments critical of this reprehensible bureaucracy. In particular, it would appear that the DCR is said to have lost “FSC certification” in April 2009.

These are really rotten people. There is a comment at the end about the governor’s failure to clean up the mess.