Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cambridge, MA, USA, on its animal abuse, s. 8, summary at Magazine Beach

Cambridge, MA, USA, on its animal abuse, s. 8, summary at Magazine Beach.

1. Introduction.
2. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, and the Legislature’s Contempt for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
a. Company unions and the legislature’s contempt for the DCR.
b. Magazine Beach.
(1) The starvation wall.
(2) Destruction of responsible grass.
(3) Destruction of playing fields.
(4) The little guys’ parking lot..
(5) The Charles River White Geese.
(6) Construction of part of the highway which is the big excuse for the destruction of those hundreds of trees.
(7) Interim summary.
3. Prior segments of this analysis.

1. Introduction.

This is the latest in a series of reports responding to lies put out in an art exhibit posted by the City of Cambridge in the art gallery in its City Hall Annex.  I did not dignify the main show with my presence.

A brief glance indicates it looks like the latest propaganda lying to the voters that Cambridge and its friends are behaving responsibly on the Charles River, and don’t look at all the destruction they and their friends have accomplished and are working to accomplice.

This series responds to the segment on the Charles River White Geese, a sweetly worded blatant massive passel of lies.

Additionally, however the fake group has gotten aggressive in its support for heartless animal abuse.

This is the plaque added by the fake group to its outrageous lies about the Charles River White Geese.

They are proud they are fighting to destroy our world and of their heartless animal abuse.  And they have the nerve to yell at Circus shows for animal abuse.  Those Circus shows are less vile than they are.

I have done a lot of general reporting in the prior segments, as summarized in the last section.

2. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, and the Legislature’s Contempt for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

a. Company unions and the legislature’s contempt for the DCR.

A significant portion of the Legislature has contempt for the DCR.  Because of their contempt for the DCR, they have stripped the DCR of significant responsibilities, and given those responsibilities to the Department of Transportation.

Cambridge and the DCR are fellow travelers.  They are both very destructive and wasteful in their expenses.

MassDOT, by contrast has been a responsible entity in its relations to Cambridge, much to the distress of Cambridge and its fake groups.

Cambridge adds to the vileness of its policies a well established and powerful system of company unions.  Company unions are fake protective groups which lie of concerns in a particular field, occupy the field and then prevent responsible people from “causing trouble.”

One excellent example is the acres of destruction created at Alewife by one fake group.

Another example is the hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge and next to the Charles River.  Those trees and related animal habitat are slated for destruction as a result of $20 million in Ch. 286 of the Acts of 2014 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Historic Parkways”

Another example is the fight for massive destruction along the Grand Junction railroad being sought by the Cambridge City Council.  MassDOT has stood up to this outrage, but Cambridge is still going forward with the outrage.  An excellent example is a puff piece distributed by Councilor Mazen in which he praised this outrage without mentioning the heartless animal abuse and environmental destruction.

These area are the major targets of the fake group working with Cambridge and the DCR.  They told people it is politically incorrect to defend the Charles River if you love the Charles River.  So they have achieved moneys for massive tree destruction and the city council is still pushing on their outrage on the Grand Junction.  There are many more.

Every destructive goal of the DCR and Cambridge is being fought for by this fake group by telling people it is politically incorrect to defent the Charles River if you love the Charles River.  But Company Unions, in addition to killing initiatives, work to actively destroy when they get a chance.

Now, they are moving from the prevention to the next step what company unions feel aggressive.

b. Magazine Beach.

The local fake group has shown its corruption in the one meeting it had on extending the outrage at the Magazine Beach playing fields to the hill to its west.

It looked like they could lose.  So they postponed the meeting and simply stole a strikingly irresponsible “vote.”  They have deferred Charles River discussion since then to the ends of meetings to prevent reality from being discussed.  They one time they conducted such a discussion in the middle of the meeting, they simply shouted down responsible discussion.

There are three outrages put in place by Cambridge and the DCR through flat out lying by commission or omission.

(1) The starvation wall.



The DCR has contempt for ground vegetation.  So it destroys ground vegetation abutting the Charles River twice a year, except at the Magazine Beach playing fields.

That vegetation has value.  It starves the Charles River White Geese by walling off access to their food of most of the past 34 years.

The explanation?

(a) They promised a “lawn to the river” in their sanctified Charles River Master Plan.  After building this outrage, they rewrote the Charles River Master Plan.

(b) They promised for years to “do not harm” to the Charles River White Geese in response to their great value and popularity.  The explanation?  The fake group tells people it is anti-Charles River to look at the heartless animal abuse.

‘( c ) The DCR spent years bullying people with the argument they wanted nothing on the Charles River except water related uses.  The playing fields might as well be miles from the Charles River with the starvation wall there.

(d) Oh, yeah, don’t look at anything other than that old, unused building.

(2) Destruction of responsible grass.

The DCR destroyed excellent grass which survived the better part of a Century and replaced it with sickly stuff that requires poisons to survive.

Explanation: Now they, with the help of the fake group want to expand the poison requiring grass to the top of the hill to the west of the playing fields and to the wetlands behind the swimming pool to the west.

Besides, the fake group calls it anti-Charles River to be concerned with anything other than a building that has not been used for 80 years, although they, now, are expanding their field of outrage.

(3) Destruction of playing fields.

One of the big lies claimed as the reason for the DCR / Cambridge destruction was improvement of playing fields.  The playing fields have been decreased in size to drain off the poisons which should not be there in the first place.

(4) The little guys’ parking lot..

The DCR, with the assistance of the fake group, wants to destroy the little guys’ parking lot used by the historical building and adjacent picnic area.  It is at the foot of Magazine Street.


They are improving the picnic area, no mention of destroying its parking.

The are replacing a water play area next to the parking lot, but find the existing area unacceptable.  Golly gee, look at that parking lot.

(5) The Charles River White Geese.

They put flat out lies in their show about the Charles River White Geese and added the following plaque.  The DCR has ramped up their abuse of these beautiful, popular beings with every excuse available.

Besides, it is anti-Charles River to look at anything except that old building, unless the fake group tells you to look at other things.

Political correctness is the game, especially when you are fighting for destruction which is reprehensible and in direct violations of normal standards of decency.

(6) Construction of part of the highway which is the big excuse for the destruction of those hundreds of trees.

It is there in the plans for expansion of the playing fields outrage, and was included in the playing fields outrage.

Explanation: Same as their explanation of the destruction of those hundreds of trees: How dare you look at threats to the Charles River.  You have no business looking at anything but that unused building unless the company union tells you to do so.

Some of the trees they are fighting to destroy:

(7) Interim summary.

The vileness to which that propaganda show has sunk has rushed my schedule.  I will follow up with a better job on this presentation.

3. Prior segments of this analysis.

Segment 1. “Lies of Omission,” concentrated on background lies, hiding the basic stench of this vile municipality sweet talked into a false sainthood.  This is posted at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/city-of-cambridge-lies-about-its.html.

Segment 2. “The bad guys told them to do it.”  Translation into English of one of the many outrages in such a short posting.

Not, of course mentioning the vile nature of the entity that the Department of Conservation and Recreation asked for a negative report.

That report then became the only negative report on file delivered in response to a freedom of information demand.  The only paper delivered in addition to this bizarre complaint from this reprehensible entity was the communication of the DCR asking for the outrageous canard.  Details posted at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/city-of-cambridge-lies-about-its_11.html

Segment 3. “The DCR did it.”  This was Cambridge denying responsibility for Cambridge’s rotten behavior,  Standard con game, pass the buck.  The trouble with vile Cambridge blaming outrages solely on the Department of Conservation and Recreation has many major problems.  One very big one is reality.  Cambridge is very vile, and there is a big record.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/city-of-cambridge-lies-about-its_12.html

Segment 4. “DCR did not do it either’.  This segment analyzes Cambridge’s claim that the DCR has some sort of right to claim no duty to protect the animals in the care of the DCR.  It includes the graduation of copycats of the DCR / Cambridge outrages to rape and murder in the same location.  And analyzes the bizarre claim.  It defers until later the reality that Cambridge and the DCR really are responsible for the outrages they claim to be neutral on.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/cambridge-ma-usa-lies-on-its-heartless.html

Segment 5. “World Animal Organization on its sick rationalization” presented the above photo, the normal position of decent human beings, in striking contrast to the outrages posted in the propaganda being passed of as an art show.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/cambridge-ma-usa-lies-on-its-heartless_15.html.

Segment 6. Photos: place of rape, murder, environment, and mass tree destruction.  This segment went into the Cambridge City Council hiding their vileness after a copy cat graduated to rape and murder after mass killing of nesting geese, and the Cambridge City Council blessing his vileness with silence, a wink and a nod.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/cambridge-ma-usa-lies-on-its-heartless_17.html

Segment 7. Cambridge / fake group brag of their vileness.  The following plaque has been added to the propaganda package right next to the lies about the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/11/cambridge-ma-usa-lies-on-its-heartless_24.html.