Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Charles River White Geese are very Happy in Free Water on the Charles River

The Charles River White Geese are very Happy in Free Water on the Charles River

Here is the only photo I was able to get this afternoon hunting for the Charles River White Geese.

This is taken from the Boston end of the BU Bridge.  The BU Bridge is visible on the left.  At the bottom is Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road, the boulevard on the Boston side of the Charles River.

The white building is one of Boston University’s boat houses.  The great white area running from left to right is the snow covered and frozen Charles River.  The bridge above the river running from the BU Bridge to the Cambridge shore is the Grand Junction railroad bridge.

The Destroyed Nesting Area is to the left on the far side of the railroad bridge.  The steep hill / wild area is to the right of the railroad occupying the right side of the photo on the Cambridge side, but really not visible because of a tree on the Boston side.

The big building at the top of the photo belongs to Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  It was built as a Ford Plant and functioned as a Polaroid building for decades.

The Destroyed Nesting Area was full of very deep snow.  Unlike my last photos, there were not even Canadas there.

There were a number of Canadas in the steep hill / wild area.  Some folks waded through the very deep snow to get to Canadas.  Access was from BU’s illegally constructed staircase running from the Memorial Drive on ramp to a spot not far from the railroad.  That staircase is treacherous, made worse by a plow dumping snow blocking the entrance from the sidewalk.

Looking at the photo, the Charles River White Geese were to the right (east) of the wild area, further away than in my last photos.  They were happily swimming in unfrozen water next the that BU Boat House.  Most of them were in the free area nearest the boat house.  A few were swimming in the middle of Canadas away from the boat house.

I apologize for lack of more photos today.  I have two phones / equivalents with photo capability. The iPod Touch has been my main camera for these purposes.  It has always confused me with regard to even getting it running.  Additionally, I keep winding up in video mode.  I do not know how to get in and when I get in, I do not know how to get out.  I took this good photo and three useless films duplicating this photo.

I tried using my LG G3, but wound up with six photos which were simply solid, useless colors.

Here are a few photos from several months ago of the Charles River White Geese in the water off the wild area.  The first was taken from next to the Grand Junction tracks.  The other two were taken from the wild area.

They are happy.  They are in the warmest place in the area, the near frozen water of the Charles River.  They are free animals in winter.  They have down jackets which keep them warm.

CRUWI is feeding them.  Other folks, like the ones with the Canadas today, help out as well.  And more feeders would be helpful.  Come on out!!!

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