Monday, January 23, 2012

Further information on Highway Proposal in the Charles River and on its banks. Telling source of information.

1. Update on report.
2. Telling source.

1. Update on report.

I missed part of the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy”’s January newsletter.

My quote was based on introductory material only.

The following is quoted from later in the newsletter:


The exchange of the 35 stakeholders at the Issue Forum held on December 15th and moderated by former Governor [ed: omitted to protect a possible victim] was very productive. State Rep. Marty Walz made a strong start by saying that the 2016 deadline that MassDOT claims exists, is a self-imposed policy and NOT a legislative mandate. That means there IS more time to carefully plan these bridges AND add underpasses where needed as this is a chance that will not come back for several generations.


“Carefully plan” is more euphemistic garbage. Buried in the euphemism is the flat out lie that MassDOT and the DCR do not know what they are talking about.

The CRC/Cambridge highway proposal in the Charles River and on its banks was clearly reviewed and rejected by MassDOT and the DCR in a separate report as environmentally destructive.

These destructive people want to lie to bystanders and get fooled bystanders to object and reverse a very responsible decision.

My prior report may be read at:

Representative Walz fits the Cambridge pol mode brilliantly although she lives in Boston.

Lots of lovely words come out of Walz. Lots of destruction is implemented by Walz.

2. Telling source.

This paragraph was pointed out by a person on the Cambridgeport list.

She previously put out severe misinformation on the same list on the Alewife destruction after I reported the initial part of the destruction.

The misinformation flatly and simply said that the initial destruction, although shockingly destructive on its own, was minor. She further communicated that no further destruction is coming.

This is the way the Cambridge Machine works.

The machine scratches each others backs and delays or misdirects the good guys by any tactic possible, anything to get their beloved destruction accomplished.