Saturday, March 07, 2015

Charles River: More Accurate Pictures of the threatened Cambridge Common.

Charles River: More Accurate Pictures of the threatened Cambridge Common.

1. Apology.

I am afraid I gave into Cambridge, MA, US cheerleading in some of the photos I presented on my analysis of environmentally destructive State Representatives yelling at airplanes.  There are more accurate photos of the Cambridge Common.

It is too early to show the planned destruction on the Charles River, and going into accomplished destruction would really have created a massive report.

A simplified report on the situation would comment that two environmental attackers on the Charles River have been designated as Charles River protectors in the Olympics discussions.

The prior report is posted at

2. Reality.

Here are more accurate photos.  The trees with planks on them PROBABLY will not be destroyed.  In photos which show protected trees, trees without planks on them PROBABLY will be destroyed.  Trees with orange marked at their base are bearing a marking of planned death.

The only explanations for the destruction range from (translated)

“Won’t the Cambridge Common be improved by destroying these excellent trees.  Don’t look at our totally unnecessary destruction.  Look at the saplings we are promising.  Contractors praise our environmental policies.  They love the money.”


“Those trees are blocking the view of the monuments.”

Notice the tree protected in the background.  Look at the excellence of the tree being destroyed in the foreground, and notice how MANY trees are not protected in this photo.