Friday, April 15, 2016

Charles River: “Neighborhood Association” admits it is a fraud.

I try in these reports to concentrate as much as possible on the really vile actors, the City of Cambridge, MA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The reality in Cambridge, however, is a system of fake groups which have grown up during the existence of the City Manager Machine which dates back to 1974, when the first of the regency declared his intention to create “neighborhood associations.”

It is amazing how these “independent groups” tend to think in lock step and frequently recognize a reality which has nothing to do with reality recognized by people outside their world.  But they sure do love to praise the City of Cambridge, and its friends, plus, all together too frequently, entities which are worse.

The fake neighborhood association which has fought for for years and has just helped Cambridge and the DCR achieve the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive just broke a wall of silence on the vileness of the situation.

They run a listserv.  Their latest president has announced that they have a duty to censor any and all posts which are contrary to the policies of the City of Cambridge and its friends, even when, as in the ongoing and accelerating destruction of the Charles River, the City of Cambridge and its friends are the clear enemies of decent human beings.

The latest explanation amounts to a declaration that they are obliged to be cheerleaders for these vile governmental entities, NO MATTER HOW IRRESPONSIBLE.  They argue that to allow responsible dissent on even the most obvious issues, the most irresponsible behavior by their government buddies, would risk them the loss of their tax exemption.

In short the newly discovered president has announced that they have a duty to be fraudulent when they call themselves a “neighborhood association.”

This is, reportedly, based on a legal opinion issued by the former president.  The former president seems to have been replaced without notice, or perhaps his disappearance was announced while I was being barred from access to the listserv.

Why would he have disappeared as president?

Could it have been a flier distributed by Friends of the White Geese which accurately communicated that the fake neighborhood association had gone public in its fight for destruction of the environment of the Charles River?

In a “neighborhood association” meeting at the end of last year, that former president barred discussion of the then pending destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive.  He called discussing the impending destruction was beyond the jurisdiction of the group because the destruction was on the wrong side of an artificial line created by the City of Cambridge.

The reality, however, is that the core of the “neighborhood association” had been fighting for this destruction for years, using all sorts of corrupt techniques.

In the next meeting, the same former president was happily setting the group up to discuss the nature of saplings to replace the trees the fake neighborhood association had helped destroy on the wrong side of that magic line.  And somehow the magic line which “barred discussion” was no longer a concern.  Discussion was considered acceptable in exactly the same area which he said could not be discussed.

The fake neighborhood association wanted to be paid off.  They had gotten the destruction the DCR and Cambridge wanted.  The key part of the group wanted the joy of selecting saplings to replace the trees they should not have destroyed in the first place.

And our leaflet invited folks to the key meeting saying exactly that.  To no surprise, the joy the “neighborhood association” was seeking was suppressed at that meeting.  They had a guest they had wanted to provide input on replacement saplings, but the “neighborhood association” did not mention that they wanted the pay off they had been looking for, and promised, for the massive destruction.

I could go on and on and on.

Needless to say, this “neighborhood association” has now openly bragged when discussing censorship on its listserv that it has a duty to cheerlead its irresponsible government, no matter how irresponsible the government is.  And it has explicitly stated that it has a duty to suppress any and all statements to the contrary of the policies of the irresponsible government.

I call that an admission of fraud.  That is not a neighborhood association.  It is a cheerleading group lying about its identity.  AND THE ONLY THING THAT IS UNUSUAL IS THE ADMISSION OF FRAUD.

PS:   I attempted to communicate reality a number of times in response to the discussion of whether the listserv should censor.  A number of times I attempted to support people opposed to censorship.  To no great surprise, I seem to have been shut off from the listserv again, and of course, all of my proposed inputs were censored from being passed on to the listserv.

I have received nothing in a day from the listserv in a day, and I got a lot before that.  Looks like I have been barred from the listserv again.

Reality is highly offensive to Cambridge’s cheerleaders, regardless of the fraudulent names they apply to their lovely named groups, and regardless of their owned self proclaimed saintliness.