Friday, March 21, 2014

Cambridge Machine Continues its Environmental Attack, This time giving the wrong impression on Bees, plus the attacks on so much of the rest of the environment of the Charles River

Last night the Cambridge Machine reaffirmed its fight for environmental destruction on the Charles River in a “meeting.”

The usual tactics: lie of environmental sainthood while suppressing the reality of existing and pending environmental destruction.

Exacerbating the outrage was a presentation on the bee problem without mentioning that they are part of the bee problem through their own outrages. The usual situation: a well meaning person defending bees was used to give the wrong impression that he and the Cambridge Machine are on the same side.

Buried at the end was their bragging that they are fighting to destroy the remaining quiet beauty through commercialization of the historical building and its environs.

As usual, they told people to look at that old building which has not been used for 80 years and

1. Ignore 14 years of attacks on Magazine Beach and its animals,

2. Ignore their poisons on the banks of the Charles and their corrupt tactics to expand it. But they were pious about the bees and did not mention that the bees’ problems stem from environmental poisons, or their own support for environmental poisons at Magazine Beach which they are fighting to expand through the corrupt April 23 “vote.”

3. Ignore the “underpass” proposal which they support which will destroy hundreds of trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge through the riverfront highway which they support through the irresponsible “underpasses” games, which is now in front of the legislature in the Governor’s House Bill H3332.

4. Ignore their corrupt April 23 vote to expand the Magazine Beach outrages and to destroy the parking lot at the historical building, along with encouragement of H3332 by supporting part of the new highway.

5. Ignore Harvard’s coming off ramp from the Mass. Pike with its bike highway stalking horse.

6. Ignore the environmental destruction associated with the bike highway inflicting destruction on the Charles River at the tiny remaining habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

7. Ignore the years of heartless animal abuse and their company union fight to make it worse.

8. Ignore the state’s goal to kill off all animals in the Charles River Basin, but listen to well intended and truly noble expressions about the bee problem.

But neglect to mention that their fight to continue and expand their beloved poisons on the banks of the Charles are part of the direct attacks of bees.

Two new city councilors were present and made a presentation. I was kept from asking them about Cambridge’s filthy hands on the Charles.

Particularly interesting (and suppressed) is part of the environmental destruction of Magazine Beach which, like so many things, has been kept quiet. The deal was that Cambridge gets control of Magazine Beach in exchange for funding the outrage there. I do not recall any noise about that transfer deal. I was not allowed to ask about that.

But a transfer of Magazine Beach control would make Cambridge’s filthy hands that much more clear. And the most important thing, after the environmental destruction, is lying about clean hands.

They did promise that the new councilor Councillor McGovern neglected to mention is still coming.

And there was mention about solar energy, naturally not mention the very major environmental deficit through Cambridge’s environmental depravations. People can make money through solar energy.

A very typical evening of company union hypocrisy.