Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boston Globe / reports City of Cambridge, MA, USA paid $3.85 million to last two of the Monteiro plaintiffs

I have reported on the Cambridge Chronicle’s victory at the Secretary of State’s office by which it obtained an order requiring Cambridge to release its settlement agreement with the last of the Monteiro plaintiffs.

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This employment discrimination case started with five plaintiffs. Two settled several years ago for payments rumored to be good.

Monteiro went to trial, lost on the actual complaint but won resoundingly on her being fired in retaliation for the filing the complaint. The award was $1.1 million for real damages and $3.5 million for penal damages. The final check paid by the city was $8.3 million.

The Globe reports that the final two plaintiffs, Mary Wong, formerly executive director of the Cambridge Kids Council, and Linda Stamper, a former city lawyer, received $3.85 million in settlement.

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