Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cambridge, MA: Input on tree destruction from a Cape Cod community.

1. Introduction.
2. Report.
3. Editor’s Response
4. Prior report.

1. Introduction.

I have been pleased with some excellent responses to my report on street tree destruction in Cambridge.  More reports will follow.  A number of other responses are not available to me as I write this report because of website malfunction.  My response has been edited.

2. Report.

A similar thing just happened in Sandwich, MA.

3. Editor’s Response

It is my understanding and my hope that irresponsible tree destruction is much less common elsewhere.

I very strongly appreciate the report.

Then again, I would be very interested to get more such reports and find out if the vileness in Cambridge exists elsewhere.

I do not want to understate the impact of irresponsible tree destruction elsewhere.  I could be wrong, to my horror.  However, it seems to me that the destructiveness of Cambridge, MA, is very much not normal in other communities.

Many communities have difficulty planting trees.

Cambridge, MA destroys trees.

Cambridge's apologists casually brag that destroying excellent mature trees does not count.  They imply to people that concerned people should be ashamed of their concern.

Cambridge's apologists brag to people that they are planting saplings to replace trees they should not have destroyed in the first place.  This is supposed to be some sort of thing to be proud of?

In Cambridge, MA, USA tree destruction of excellent, healthy trees by the government is normal.

The massive destruction at Alewife, on the Charles River and on the Cambridge Common raises the destruction to the level that the destruction is downright sick.

The destruction of the street trees I reported appears to be a tiny fraction of Cambridge's destructiveness, but it is visible.  Cambridge destructiveness is commonly understated to the victims giving the impression that it is something unusual.

This is not to say that there was not a valid reason to destroy these street trees.  I do not know and the apparent failure to post fits the destruction into the normal, vile situation in the City of Cambridge.

There commonly is no valid reason for Cambridge’s tree destruction.  Cambridge just destroys.

$20 million in state funds is coming to destroy hundred of trees on Memorial Drive on the Charles River, primarily because Cambridge has such an irresponsible city government hand in glove with irresponsible state bureaucrats.

But the contractors love it. These are the guys who get the class patronage of big bucks to destroy trees and to "replace" trees which should never have been destroyed in the first place.

I am forced to seriously consider voting for third party candidates for governor. At least they / the Republicans will be less hand in glove with these irresponsible people than is Patrick who blessed that $20 million in tree destruction.

Basically, Cambridge has money to throw at the contractors and an overstuffed Development Department which needs to justify high paying jobs with destructive projects. And that outrageous machine doing so much lying

4. Prior report.

My prior report with photos is at: