Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cambridge Pols respond concerning environmental destruction of Charles and Alewife

I have provided you with my letter published in the June 16, 2011 Cambridge Chronicle concerning the celebration of the Cambridge pols of the environmental destruction on the Charles almost immediately after they succeeded in starting destruction of the core Alewife Reservation. It is at:

Thursday, June 23, 2011, the Cambridge pols published their response. It got exactly the same visibility as my letter and may be read at:

The writer has created a typically falsely named Cambridge group, the Cambridge Tree Stewards. That, as usual, gives a highly false impression of what she stands for. She looks like an integral part of the Cambridge Pols. She was part of the con game at Alewife, running around yelling about privately owned, peripheral property and, by omission, telling people to ignore the import stuff.

This letter responds to the totally unnecessary destruction of the Core Part of the Alewife reservation by her friends with the usual propaganda:

Don’t look at the important stuff my friends are needlessly destroying on public owned land, which could easily have been prevented. We are running a long shot fight: standing up to private property owners in a far less crucial location.

So she supports the public destruction of the core reservation by omission and yells that she is standing up to peripheral damage by private property owners.

Her response to the Cambridge Pols’ celebration of environmental destruction on the Charles is worse. She loudly proclaims intention to save street trees which her friends do not want to destroy. She neglects to mention that her secret definition of street trees exempts and thus supports the destruction of hundreds of street trees on Memorial Drive.

So she, and her falsely named “Tree Stewards” organization support by omission the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive, the dumping of poisons on the banks of the Charles River, the walling off of Magazine Beach by the bizarre wall of bushes, and the heartless, needless abuse of the Charles River White Geese.

She just neglects to mention what she supports.

Oh, yeh, the current “concern” for street trees started one week after the Cambridge City Council voted to destroy a densely wooded piece of property for another DCR highway project. They voted to exempt the destruction from public meeting requirements, to keep it as secret as possible. The Chronicle caught them. So a week later, we started seeing yelling about street trees with the key secret definition.

More pious lies about environmental concerns.

This is business as usual in the City of Cambridge. Look at my lovely words. Do not look at my very terrible actions which prove my lovely words lies.

This is corruption.

This is Cambridge, MA, USA.