Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Psychoanalyzing a Heartless Animal Abuser

Bob La Trémouille reports:

When I first became aware of the plans of the City of Cambridge for the Magazine Beach area in Fall 1997, I could not get anybody to believe me.

First of all, there clearly was no need to "improve" Magazine Beach. Second of all, who would be so heartless and wasteful as to harm the habitat of the beautiful and extremely valuable Charles River White Geese.

After the announcement of the City Manager’s plans, the Department of Conservation and Recreation sought to receive complaints against the Charles River White Geese. Cambridge pols who had organized the show-and-tell of the City Manager’s plans happily filed complaint.

After the Cambridge City Manager announced his plans, the Cambridge Pols happily started running around bad-mouthing the Charles River White Geese.

The DCR talked about complaints against the Charles River White Geese as excuse for their heartless treatment of the geese. Friends of the White Geese made a freedom of information demand.

THE ONLY COMPLAINT received against the Charles River White Geese since their first residence in 1981 turned out to be the complaint filed by the Cambridge Pol group IN RESPONSE TO the request of the DCR.

The sort of personal destruction which the Cambridge Pols attempted to inflict on Kathy Podgers in the Cambridge Chronicle was strikingly similar to the activities of the Cambridge Pols against the Charles River White Geese. The Cambridge Pols started badmouthing and belittling beings who were and continue to be the city and state’s most valuable resource on their part of the Charles River.

The geese are the subject of tourist visits. The geese are beloved by commuters, by a large number of locals and by so many people who just happen to encounter them.

The Cambridge Pols got very busy and very nasty.

When Peter Valentine attempted to get Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons to behave like a responsible human being with regard to the Charles River and the Charles River White Geese, Simmons spouted words which reaffirmed the campaign of destruction by the Cambridge pols.

Demeaning your victim is key to an abuser. Dehumanizing, devaluing is key to an abuser.

There was no way Simmons was about to treat the Charles River White Geese as anything of any value whatsoever.

This is not unique to Simmons. It just happens to be specifically recognizable through a recognized third party.

They spout this standard abuser garbage and they fit the mold.

Cambridge politics is a very filthy entity and the heartless animal abusers upon whom Cambridge politics revolve fit the mold.