Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cambridge Chronicle Report, Secret Definitions on the Grand Junction

1. Monday night.
2. The private investment at Yawkee.

1. Monday night.

The Cambridge Chronicle’s report on Monday night’s comments on the Grand Junction may be read at:

The reporter, Mr. Nanos, is probably my person #2 from my last report. His presentation seems factually accurate.

My problem, among many others, is that I have been living with these con games for too long, and the con artists very much follow a script. The game is to maneuver people into shafting themselves.

Toomey caught the game and effectively responded by calling calls for stations the same as support for the project.

Key in a lot of this is that the Cambridge pols rely on secret definitions, and the secret definition to “opposition” translates as “opposition unless we get stations in Cambridge,” in other words, give MIT its goals, shaft the environment and shaft the city.

This secret definition was fairly clearly communicated in the councilor’s comment which I reported as responding to my flier.

One male councilor on the left side of the room responded to my report that the LEGISLATURE has paid $20 million to upgrade Yawkee Station by commenting that “we” do not have private developers to build “our” stations.

First of all, once again a lie. The legislature spends $20 million on Yawkee and the Cambridge Pol calls this a private investment. The non lie is that the legislature is spending $20 million in coordination with a private investment.

Secondly, “we” and “our” refer to the stations and to the members of the city council supposedly opposing the line. Without a line, there are no stations.

I keep using the word “lie”. “Lie” is a very good word to use when talking the Cambridge Pols.

Secret definitions of key terms make statements lies.

And we are back to their secret definition of “opposition.”

2. The private investment at Yawkee.

I first discussed this project with the developer in a meeting by invitation at a conference room at Fenway Park.

I made clear to the developer the two alternative routes on the Urban Ring including the irresponsible streetcar alternative pushed by the Cambridge Pols.

I made clear to the developer that the irresponsible streetcar alternative included moving Yawkee Station away from Fenway Park. His project from the beginning included major consideration to retaining Yawkee Station in place.

He was aware of the problem and concerned.

He has defeated the Cambridge Pols and their friends.

$20 million from the state in coordination with a private project is $20 million from the state, but I am confident that the Cambridge Pols will be as unable to recognize that as they are unable to recognize the responsible Orange Line / Kenmore crossing and much better Urban Ring alignment.

Cambridge Pols live in their own world. I call that world “lying.”