Friday, April 08, 2016

Charles River: Response favorable to the Cambridge Con Game.

Charles River:   Response favorable to the Cambridge Con Game.

In my latest report, I reported on a fraudulent piece of protection by the Cambridge City Council, lying that it is environmentally responsible, as usual, by yelling at the other guy.

That report is at

I got a respectful, short email response, nicely favorable to the city council action, from a follower who provides a lot of positive comments which normally spin off into reports on this blog.

I gave him a detailed email response, and I was thinking of posting the exchange.

I, however, have just looked again at my post.

I appreciate this person’s response.  I appreciate his very clear constructive assistance over the years.  I acknowledge his positive concern by his response to this post.

I, however, have just reread the post.  It communicates reality very effectively.

To clarify one point.

The biggest environmental problem on the Charles River is the fraudulent “environmentalism” coming out of the City of Cambridge.  The city government’s environmental foundation is flat out fraud.  They stay in office based on a house of cards which is heavily kept in place by a large system of self proclaimed “independent” groups which, in turn, act as cheerleaders for the very bad City Manager Machine, and others acting in concert with the very bad City Manager Machine.  Plus, they frequently act as cheerleaders for entities worse than the City Manager Machine.

The environmental outrage is real.

Fraudulent yelling at the other guy by the Cambridge City Council should be taken as what it is:   fraud whose most important value is to keep the house of cards from collapsing of its own weight by distracting an electorate which demands a responsible government.

A responsible community taking the actions which the City of Cambridge constantly claims makes it environmentally saintly would continue to be responsible communities because of their responsible actions AS A WHOLE.  Responsible communities taking such actions would be worthy of commendation.

The City of Cambridge doing the same responsible stuff IN PLACE OF RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR which only it can accomplish is due the contempt appropriately targeted at any other hypocrite.