Sunday, March 30, 2014

Charles River: Magnificent Grove, the Destruction Plans

1. Report.
2. Postscript.
3. Governor's Response.

1. Report.

The rottenness of the bureaucrats and the Cambridge Machine on the Charles River is strongly demonstrated by the fact that they are fighting to destroy hundreds of trees, and the loudest support they provide is the Cambridge Machine ordering folks not to look at anything on the Charles River except for one building that has not been used for 80 years.

They have stooped to corrupt voting tactics to double destructiveness at Magazine Beach which they spent years telling people not to look at.

It is a company union with a long destructive record. On the Charles River, they lie about love for the Charles River and maneuver people into behavior which, through playing a monkey hiding his eyes, supports massive destruction.

The planned destruction of the excellent grove at the Memorial Drive split is a dramatic example of how low the Cambridge Machine can go.

And nothing is destroyed in the environment in Cambridge without participation by the City of Cambridge, employees of whom the Cambridge Machine lives to please.

Here are the photos of the targeted trees taken in March of 2011 and 2012.

Here are the plans for their destruction taken from the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s official filing when they were looking for Obama moneys to destroy those trees. Then they lied that all the trees were diseased, a lie proven by their filing with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

The plans are for “Phase 2" of the “Historical Parkways” project. Phase 1 was the destruction of the diseased trees the bureaucrats lied was phase 2.

Please note that, in the last photo, you can see the beginning of the median between east and west bound traffic. That median is quite clearly shown in the second and third of the destruction plans. The darkened circles are trees being destroyed. The third plan shows the first of many trees being destroyed on the median, trees commonly much larger than the ones in this grove.

I will publish the entire announced destruction in the next report.

The moneys for destruction amount to $24 million included in a portion of Governor Patrick’s bond authorization bill, House Bill H3332. The money in the section which refers to Historical Parkways is much larger than $24 million, raising the very real question as to how much else is being destroyed.

The source of this amount is the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” which ran around lying to people that they were only looking for underpasses under the next three bridges. Their announcement reported $4 million in the Patrick bill for the “underpasses” (opposed as environmentally destructive by the governing agency, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation). Supposedly ancillary to the $4 million was $24 million for ancillary highway construction, with the destruction of all those trees.

They ran around seeking support for underpasses and presented the signatures of support as supporting destruction of hundreds of trees. In this sick world, $24 million dollars of destruction is ancillary to $4 million of underpasses.

This is the sort of rotten behavior with which decent people are faced on the Charles River.

2. Postscript.

I have given the Governor the following communication by his form email, at

RE: Part of the environmental destruction you are seeking to bond in H3332.

I have published photos of one excellent grove you are destroying on Memorial Drive, along with the formal destruction plans. These are at

My next post will provide the total destruction plans that I am aware of on Memorial Drive, hidden in H3332. The euphemism is Historical Parkways.

I very seriously doubt that the DCR has meaningfully communicated to you the level of their irresponsibility, but you have submitted this application for bonds. It is thus your irresponsibility as well.

It would be responsible if you withdrew this part of your bill, especially since all this destruction is being done in secret.

3. Governor's Response.

Sent 3/31/14, 4:57 pm:

Dear Robert J.,

On behalf of Governor Deval L. Patrick, thank you for your recent correspondence regarding H. 3332. Governor Patrick is grateful to have your voice as part of the discussion on this important issue and we have shared your thoughts with the Governmental Affairs Office. We will be studying this legislation as it proceeds through the Legislature.

Please feel free to contact our office in the future with any further questions or concerns; your comments are always welcome in this administration.


Governor Patrick's Constituent Services Team


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some of the trees on the Charles River the Cambridge Machine is fighting to destroy.

1. Some of the trees to be destroyed.
2. The bureaucrats want to kill off all animals.
3. Trolls and the Cambridge Machine.
4. The Cambridge Machine, a monkey covering his eyes (see no evil), and the corrupt April 23, 2013 vote.

1. Some of the trees to be destroyed.

Below are photos of the excellent grove of trees at the Memorial Drive split, maybe half a mile or so east of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. These are from 2011 and 2012, all in March. I know I have some photos in season, but, this is what I have come up with this time.

Massachusetts House Bill H3332 submitted by Governor Patrick includes $24 million to destroy about 85 trees in the approximately 105 tree grove.

The rest of the destruction this time at least doubles the destruction, but these trees are by far not the largest trees being destroyed. They, in fact, fall in the bottom half of the trees subject to destruction.

The larger trees are so large and are collected together so deeply that it is impossible to give a group shot of them, and individual shots do not communicate much.

I have full details of the planned destruction.

The euphemism is Historical Parkways.

The state bureaucrats tried to destroy these trees with Obama moneys. They lied that all the trees they were destroying were diseased. The lie was proved by the paperwork filed with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

But the state bureaucrats do a lot of lying.

And this is only part of the planned destruction. Total destruction coming up runs between about 400 and 600 trees.

I have a new scanner which I am trying to figure out. If I figure it out, I will scan my copy of the destruction plans covered by Governor Patrick’s bond authorization proposal, Massachusetts House Bill H3332. I will pass them on on this page.

2. The bureaucrats want to kill off all animals.

The destruction comports with multiple past and planned outrages including fine print in the bureaucrats’ “Charles River Master Plan” which calls for the killing of or otherwise removal of all resident animals on the Charles River Basin. There is a caveat: if they cannot get away with killing all of them, they will settle for killing whatever they can get away with.

Starving the Charles River White Geese and walling them off from their food at Magazine Beach exactly comports with the rest of the outrage.

3. Trolls and the Cambridge Machine.

In the meantime, I will try to minimize my reference to each and every piece of nonsense coming out of the Cambridge Machine.

That is, after all, part of the game.

They try to keep the good guys out of trouble. One way to keep the good guys out of trouble is run around making bizarre statements.

In Internet parlance, this is called a Troll.

These folks are really not that unusual. You get near a development project and the trolls come out of the woodworks. They make bizarre statement after bizarre statement. Eventually, they hope, one of the bizarre statements will sucker somebody into believing it.

Then the trolls have found their truth.

The Cambridge Machine is an embodiment of trolls. However, like the 45 year rent control advocate who only suckered for one lie, it is impossible to tell the difference between the knaves and the fools.

So I am just talking the Cambridge Machine and whether the particular representative is a knave or a fool, I could care less.

4. The Cambridge Machine, a monkey covering his eyes (see no evil), and the corrupt April 23, 2013 vote.

Reality is the destruction they are fighting for by telling people to look at everything else, whether they know it or not.

That is the explanation for the destruction of these hundreds of trees:


Bizarre yes, but that is the Cambridge Machine’s explanation for the many, many, many terrible things their friends have done and are doing.

Although they did take a ten minute break and indulged in a corrupt vote which went through the form of supporting the doubling of the damage their friends did to Magazine Beach, including a highway project which is part of the Governor Patrick funds for destruction of those hundreds of trees. This was April 23, 2013.

The prior meeting, in January 2013, featured a meeting long discussion in which a whole bunch of folks objected to their destructive proposal. So the January 2013 meeting action was deferred to the February 2013 meeting which was conducted on April 23, 2013, driving away the folks who were there in January. The corrupt vote was in a very complicated writing which was passed out at the beginning of the ten minute discussion.

Since then, they have returned to telling folks to look at the building which has not been used for 80 years which they want to convert to retail, and they do not want anybody to know anything about the Charles River except for that building.

After all, do they not insist on telling people, non stop, that they love the Charles River? Reality is irrelevant.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cambridge, MA, USA Machine : Tree Destruction Goals, the Building which has not been used for 80 years, and other word games.

1. Outrageous Misdirection on Massive Tree Destruction.
2. The Fake Neighborhood Association in Context.

1. Outrageous Misdirection on Massive Tree Destruction.

At the latest meeting of the fake neighborhood association, the head of the group was proud they were not destroying hundreds of trees around the building they tell people is the only thing they should be looking at.

He did not mention that the non stop propaganda of the organization is that it is anti Charles River to look at anything other than that building.

He and his buddies are fighting to destroy hundreds of trees along the Charles by telling folks not to look at anything other than that building which has not been used for 80 years. The destruction they are fighting for are hundreds of trees located between the BU and Longfellow Bridges. In addition, Governor Patrick’s House Bill H3332 with contains $24 million under the euphemism Historical Parkway is a spin off of lies of lovely underpasses under the next three bridges these folks have cooed about.

Part of their corrupt vote of April 23, 2013, supported part of the bike highway being funded by the $24 million which destroys those hundreds of trees.

They are also not walling off the Charles River, I hope, by yelling about that one building. They are, however, fighting to keep Magazine Beach walled off from the Charles by ordering people to look at nothing other than that one building.

The Machine’s explanation for the bizarre wall was incompetence of their friends. They insisted the Department of Conservation and Recreation was too incompetent to chop down their introduced bushes. The DCR is capable of chopping down bushes everywhere else, but not, according to that lie from the Machine, competent enough to chop down the bushes which created that wall.

The corrupt April 23 vote supported expansion of that “incompetence” and proved their “incompetence” lie just another lie. The corrupt vote of April 23 could double that bizarre wall.

The Machine is also not dumping poisons on the banks of the Charles River as part of that building. They are keeping those poisons in the playing fields by the nonstop pitch that it is anti Charles River to look at the problems of the Charles River. And they are calling their lies of anti-Charles River behavior just more lies by doubling the size of the area with poison usage by the corrupt vote of April 23.

They are also not heartlessly abusing the Charles River White Geese and other resident animals by that building. They are keeping the heartless abuse in play by telling people to look at nothing but that building.

Then there is the destruction of the parking lot for their beloved building, supported by the corrupt vote of April 23.

Word games, word games, word games. A lie is a lie is a lie. Word games are exactly that.

Very rotten people, but they, as is part of the game of the Cambridge Machine, yell about minutia and keep the massive destruction as secret as possible.

2. The Fake Neighborhood Association in Context.

Dealing with the Cambridge Machine is highly predictable if you know their behavior.

There are a whole bunch of bad faith maneuvers which are totally predictable, except it is not possible to tell which will be used next.

And they always are done indignantly, holier than thou.

And in exactly the same pattern of irresponsible behavior as the rest of their destructive friends.

The rotten behavior is because their goals are so rotten. They cannot achieve their goals through honorable behavior.

The near 50 year rent control activist who has been fooled into fighting for the other side by an outrageous con game is the norm. He got conned by an outrageous play on words.

Play on words is business as unusual. How dare anybody expect responsible behavior from the holier than thous!!

Decent people are regularly used to destroy their own causes by any number of dirty tricks, like the nearly 50 year rent control activist.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cambridge Machine replaces Con Game to hide destruction with outright Destruction Game at Magazine Beach, with help from the State Rep, Jay Livingstone

When you are dealing with the Cambridge Machine, there are certain aspects which are a predictable part of the script.

The city manager wants as much retail as he can get away with. The Cambridge Machine wants as much retail as they can get away with.

Increase in traffic is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of open space is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of first floor housing is irrelevant. They want retail.

Destruction of the environment because retail generates much more traffic than the uses it destroys is irrelevant. They want retail.

The real key is taxes, taxes, taxes. The city manager wants taxes and destroys what stands in the way.


A company union lives to hold down responsible people with fake protection. If they can convert fake protection to flat out destruction, a company union does so.

That is the situation on Magazine Beach.

The “report” on Magazine Beach has gone from lying about protecting the environment (and do not look at their belligerent destruction and heartless animal abuse) to flat out destruction. Hiding destructive behavior through a ten minute corrupt vote which will then be kept secret has been replaced with bragging about destruction.

They want retail, retail, retail.

They lie that they love Magazine Beach while suppressing the massive destruction inflicted by irresponsible city and state governments. They indulge in belligerently corrupt practices to expand the destruction that they tell people to ignore.

Now, the State Rep, Jay Livingstone, at their beholding is authorizing retail, retail, retail.

How dare you have anything approaching a meaningful environment. They want retail.

And the City Manager / Company Union / Cambridge Machine fight for retail, retail, retail, has expanded to Magazine Beach.


To Hell with peace and quiet, even if in the middle of a deliberately poisoned environment.

To Hell with peace and quiet even if in the middle of heartless animal abuse.

They want more. They are getting away with an outrage.

They want more.


They want retail, retail, retail.

And it is coming. With help of the State Representative.

Although the bill has not fully passed yet, it is coming.


And the hypocrites lie that they love Magazine Beach.


Interestingly, so many upzonings of neighborhood streets to retail, retail, retail, have been passed by an irresponsible city council, but have been unsuccessful.

The developers are so often too responsible to put in retail where an irresponsible government and irresponsible Cambridge Machine demands retail, retail, retail.

That is like the upzoning of Harvard’s properties west of Western Avenue on Memorial Drive. The con game / Cambridge Machine “planning” called for destruction so irresponsible that Harvard was too responsible to accept the falsely named “neighborhood petition” maneuver by the Cambridge Machine.

But Magazine Beach is not private development.

Magazine Beach is the City of Cambridge, its destructive friends in the state bureaucracy, and the belligerently irresponsible Cambridge Machine.


And the Cambridge Machine has proven successful in hiding outrage after outrage after outrage.

But they give the non stop lie that they love the Charles River.

And the people pulling the strings love retail, retail, retail.

And do not look at the environmental destruction or the heartless animal abuse which they are getting less subtle about supporting / working for.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Case Study: A near 50 year rent control activist may have been key in the Destruction of Rent Control in Cambridge, MA, USA.

1. Introduction
2. Rent Control — The Key Issue.
3. The Statewide Rent Control Referendum — Initial Analysis.
4. State Wide Referendum — More Detailed Analysis.
5. The Key Activist is a typical victim of the Cambridge Machine.
6. Summary.

1. Introduction

I have been going through GOOD questions and responding to them on this blog.

One of the best came from George Despotes who has had a number of good questions.

He, for good reason, wants me to meaningfully communicate exactly what the Cambridge Machine is.

He gave me the question by email and I gave him a thoughtful response by email. Many of my recent posts have been codifications of responses to questions raised by email or the equivalent.

The trouble in this case is that neither one of us can find my answer.

In drafting an answer anew, it seems to me that it would be helpful to show the depravity of the Cambridge Machine by its using a long time rent control activist to do harm to the rent control movement and, possibly, to be a key person in the killing of rent control.

The rottenness of the machine is, at least in part, demonstrated by its abuse of good people, and its maneuvering of good people into destroying their own cause.

2. Rent Control — The Key Issue.

Rent Control was immediately challenged by the property interests in the City of Cambridge after its passage and implementation. The attacks resulted in a key decision in the 70s by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

The SJC found rent control to be a responsible and proper action of consumer protection taken by the government to even the playing field in rental property where the landlords constituted a shared monopoly over a scarce resource and were abusing that monopoly.

This is not a concept made up by me. This is my fair attempt to communicate the SJC’s decision.

The SJC found that the minute rent control was used for other than consumer protection, i.e. as a tax on landlords for the benefit of tenants, Rent Control was dead.

So naturally, the landlords ran around calling Rent Control a tenant subsidy.

There was no grounds to prove that rent control was a tenant subsidy rather than consumer protection, so the landlords never won in court.

Rent Control had a lot of symptoms of being destroyed from within by people functioning as folks fighting against their own cause.

One of the victims was the Key Activist. Somebody got to the Key Activist and talked the Key Activist into believing the Landlord Position. After all, it sounds so good. This is the constant con from the Cambridge Machine. Pick out a key point, use outrageous nonsense that sounds good, and get the supporters of a cause to adopt that Key Point which destroys them.

3. The Statewide Rent Control Referendum — Initial Analysis.

I would have liked to have participated in the tenant side of the statewide Rent Control referendum. I, however, saw two individuals in the statewide group who had very destructive records in the ranks of the Cambridge Tenants Movement. At one point the movement took a vote to expel them because of their destructiveness. The vote resulted in a tie.

A key reason for the tie? A “radical” group with all the stench of the Cambridge Machine trooped in people to the vote who did not have the slightest idea what they were talking about, but knew who did their thinking for them.

They saved the Destructive Duo from being thrown out of the tenant movement.

I knew the record of the Destructive Duo. I knew how destructive they were. So I became a director of the Massachusetts Tenants Organization which was key in the statewide organization. I hoped that, from MTO, I could neutralize their destructiveness.

The report I got out of the statewide organization comported with my expectations. My contact was shocked at the destructiveness of the Cambridge contingent. My contact was of the opinion that, because the vote was so close, the Cambridge Contingent’s destructiveness could very easily have kept the organization from properly functioning and thus killed rent control.

Looking at this report and knowing the record of the Destructive Duo, I considered his report accurate and saw my expected damnation of the Destructive Duo.

This function is a normal tactic of Company Unions, of which the Cambridge Machine is very clearly one.

Prevent action by the good guys and thus hand a victory to the bed guys.

4. State Wide Referendum — More Detailed Analysis.

I have recently had my opinion of the key activities in that election changed by talking with the Key Activist.

My change of opinion does not change my condemnation of the Destructive Duo, however. That is because, in my opinion, by preventing appropriate action for perhaps the last ten years of rent control, they created a stench of self-serving in the tenant movement. Among many other things, during two consecutive elections, the Destructive Duo vetoed action THROUGH ABUSE OF OFFICE to prevent the implementation of binding votes by their organization. I won the votes. They simply lied about the position of their organization.

Prevent implementation of the goals of their organization through tactics no matter how irresponsible — sound familiar — they sure sound like just two more agents of the Cambridge Machine / Company Union.

These are guys the Radical arm of the Cambridge Machine kept from being thrown out of the tenant movement.


The Key Activist is another situation.

This person was involved in the fight to create Rent Control in the 60s and is an undisputed fighter for Rent Control. His behavior has been very consistently positive, WITH ONE KEY EXCEPTION. The trouble is he got handled. If somebody gets handled in Cambridge, the answer is obvious. The Cambridge Machine.

The Key Activist, after being conned by the Cambridge Machine is an aggressive supporter of the Landlord Position, that Rent Control is a subsidy for Tenants, in spite of the very clear court decision that, if Rent Control is a subsidy, Rent Control is dead.

The Key Activist admits to fighting and fighting for the Landlord Position during the statewide organizational meetings. The Key Activist admits that the Destructive Duo fought against him. The Destructive Duo pointed out that his position would kill Rent Control because of the SJC decision.

The Key Activist has or had a very strong problem of fighting his points way beyond the limits of reason. He just keeps talking and won’t let the meeting do any business.

That sounds like they report I got from my contact, very much like the report I got from my contact.

The Key Activist was key in the two subsequent referenda to reinstitute rent control. The Key Activist made certain the Landlord Position was included in both referenda. The Key Activist made certain that Rent Control could only get reinstituted if it were illegal because of his demand to include the Landlord Position.

5. The Key Activist is a typical victim of the Cambridge Machine.

The Key Activist is aggressively fighting against Rent Control because he has been persuasively conned. He will not allow Rent Control to be reinstituted unless it is illegal.

The Key Activist is a normal victim of the Cambridge Machine.

The Key Activist has no meaningful distinction from Rent Control opponents except that he thinks he is fighting for Rent Control.

The Key Activist is an excellent example of how the Cambridge Machine can be so effective.

All they have to do is fool one key person, and that key person will destroy his/her own cause.

Interestingly, I recently antagonized him/her by saying that he/she has been fighting for the Landlord Position for years. That made him/her very hostile. It is very dangerous to meaningfully communicate to a victim of the Cambridge Machine. They can get very hostile.

This is a normal reaction in a victim of a skillful con operation.

6. Summary.

This is the sickness of the Cambridge Machine.

It is impossible to tell the difference between the knaves and the fools, and it is irrelevant.

A fool who have been effectively conned can and does destroy his/her own cause.

And the Cambridge Machine continues its tradition of destroying so many causes it claims to support.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cambridge Machine Continues its Environmental Attack, This time giving the wrong impression on Bees, plus the attacks on so much of the rest of the environment of the Charles River

Last night the Cambridge Machine reaffirmed its fight for environmental destruction on the Charles River in a “meeting.”

The usual tactics: lie of environmental sainthood while suppressing the reality of existing and pending environmental destruction.

Exacerbating the outrage was a presentation on the bee problem without mentioning that they are part of the bee problem through their own outrages. The usual situation: a well meaning person defending bees was used to give the wrong impression that he and the Cambridge Machine are on the same side.

Buried at the end was their bragging that they are fighting to destroy the remaining quiet beauty through commercialization of the historical building and its environs.

As usual, they told people to look at that old building which has not been used for 80 years and

1. Ignore 14 years of attacks on Magazine Beach and its animals,

2. Ignore their poisons on the banks of the Charles and their corrupt tactics to expand it. But they were pious about the bees and did not mention that the bees’ problems stem from environmental poisons, or their own support for environmental poisons at Magazine Beach which they are fighting to expand through the corrupt April 23 “vote.”

3. Ignore the “underpass” proposal which they support which will destroy hundreds of trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge through the riverfront highway which they support through the irresponsible “underpasses” games, which is now in front of the legislature in the Governor’s House Bill H3332.

4. Ignore their corrupt April 23 vote to expand the Magazine Beach outrages and to destroy the parking lot at the historical building, along with encouragement of H3332 by supporting part of the new highway.

5. Ignore Harvard’s coming off ramp from the Mass. Pike with its bike highway stalking horse.

6. Ignore the environmental destruction associated with the bike highway inflicting destruction on the Charles River at the tiny remaining habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

7. Ignore the years of heartless animal abuse and their company union fight to make it worse.

8. Ignore the state’s goal to kill off all animals in the Charles River Basin, but listen to well intended and truly noble expressions about the bee problem.

But neglect to mention that their fight to continue and expand their beloved poisons on the banks of the Charles are part of the direct attacks of bees.

Two new city councilors were present and made a presentation. I was kept from asking them about Cambridge’s filthy hands on the Charles.

Particularly interesting (and suppressed) is part of the environmental destruction of Magazine Beach which, like so many things, has been kept quiet. The deal was that Cambridge gets control of Magazine Beach in exchange for funding the outrage there. I do not recall any noise about that transfer deal. I was not allowed to ask about that.

But a transfer of Magazine Beach control would make Cambridge’s filthy hands that much more clear. And the most important thing, after the environmental destruction, is lying about clean hands.

They did promise that the new councilor Councillor McGovern neglected to mention is still coming.

And there was mention about solar energy, naturally not mention the very major environmental deficit through Cambridge’s environmental depravations. People can make money through solar energy.

A very typical evening of company union hypocrisy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Email: Bikes from Grand Junction to Boston's Bike Highway?

1. General.
2. Question.
3. Response, with inserts replacing references.

1. General.

We have received the following email concerning our reports on the stalking horse that destructive bike activists have a right to environmental destruction to connect to Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road on the Boston side of the Charles. The question and my response.

2. Question.

Hi. Even if bikes cross the river via the RR bridge, how do they get to/from the "Storrow Drive" river path?

Is there a planned ramp along the Boston edge of the river connecting them?

3. Response, expanded.

Standard Cambridge Machine lie.

MassDOT AND the DCR in the early meetings on the interconnectivity study were highly scornful of this nonsense. It cannot be done. The bike activists are being used to get Harvard's off ramp.

The bike highway along the Grand Junction tracks can make ready connection to Memorial Drive by putting a tiny connection between the tracks and the Vassar Street turn. That will be "suddenly" discovered when convenient.

I am printing your question and the answer with the photos attached, Vassar Street side and track side.

Here is the Vassar Street side.

Here is the track side.

Here is a blow up of the usual aerial shot.

The square to the left of "Memorial" is the BU Boathouse, on the south side of Memorial Drive and just east of the woods whose ground vegetation has been destroyed by the Charles River "Conservancy". Then comes the tracks and the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The Vassar Street turn is between the M and the tracks, but blocked by the building which is to the right of two adjacent buildings which, in turn, are separated by Vassar Street. To the left of Vassar Street and the blocking building is a black area which is the roof of one of the two buildings, a major building between Vassar Street and the tracks east and west. South and north it faces Memorial Drive and a small parking lot. That parking lot appears as a gap.

Then there is a white marking. My guess is that the white marking is the white building. The bike highway should connect from the track to Vassar Street in that portion of the gap, a parking lot, which abuts the white building. Another interpretation would be that the white spot is where the connector should be, with the white building above the connector in the photo.

The bike highway would then proceed to Memorial Drive.

If Cambridge had a responsible government, this is the route which would be the only connection to the Charles River under discussion.

Cambridge does not have a responsible government, so environmentally destructive people are being used as a stalking horse for Harvard’s off ramp from I90 (Mass. Pike) over the Grand Junction railroad bridge to Cambridge. When the con plays out, the destructive bicycle activists would be put on this connector where they should be from the beginning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is Harvard’s Off Ramp from the Mass. Pike (I90) to Cambridge about the Geese?

1. Question from Anjell Bejanian on facebook concerning Harvard’s off ramp over the Charles River from Mass. Pike to Cambridge.
2. Editor’s response, with some adds.

1. Question from Anjell Bejanian on facebook concerning Harvard’s off ramp over the Charles River from Mass. Pike to Cambridge.

Forgive me Robert for sounding stupid, but is this about the Geese?

2. Editor’s response, with some adds.

My biggest problem in these reports is avoiding getting off on the multiple games going on. With the Charles River White Geese the most visible and most beloved victims.

The environmental destruction on the Cambridge side is stemmed directly to this off ramp relocation and related items.

At absolute minimum, the presence of living and popular animals is very destructive to their cause.

Directly, and obviously related is the planned destruction of hundreds of trees to straighten out Memorial Drive to take the mess.

Putting the off ramp on the Grand Junction puts it in the middle of the Geese habitat, plus it is highly likely that the Destroyed Nesting Area is foreseen as future location of toll booths.

This relocation also moves more traffic to Memorial Drive in the other direction. The bridge across Memorial Drive was just rebuilt to Interstate standards. The advance description, of course, was “repairs.” Tearing down an underheight overpass and replacing it with a higher overpass able to take Interstate traffic is described as “repairs” only in the corrupt world which manages the Charles River.

They are divvying up the spoils variously as well. The nesting area has shown on certain city maps as the "BU Triangle." BU conducted the first destruction in 1999 and tried to turn it into a recreation area. The only beings to really use it were the animals who were attacked by this much less extensive destruction.

Magazine Beach is used as graduation facilities for BU. The building of that bizarre wall to starve the white geese is another step toward the divvying up of the river bank. They find living animals offensive and inappropriate for their new greater world in which the banks of the river belong to the insitutions.

The tree destruction, in turn, is the second phase in making the Cambridge side of the Charles River the personal property of MIT, but, once again, living animals are antithetical to their idea of a college campus, unless somebody is paid to install the living animals.

Maps of the off ramp planning show a highway directly connecting to Memorial Drive east through woods which are to the east of the nesting area and used for nesting to the extent the real nesting area is destroyed.

All ground in that woods has had its ground vegetation destroyed by the Charles River "Conservancy" at the same time as they destroyed a third or more of the ground vegetation in the nesting area.

Then you get into that very destructive east west highway for another collection of destroyers.

Good question. Thank you.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Machine “admires” Charles, Trader Joe’s Revisited.

1. Machine “admires” Charles.
2. Return visit to Trader Joe’s.

1. Machine “admires” Charles.

George Despotes reports that the Cambridge Machine has posted lovely photos of the Charles River on their blog, even one of the area where they are working for the destruction of hundreds of trees.

The basic con of the Cambridge Machine is one used as well by the Cambridge City Council.

Yell, yell, and coo about a whole bunch of stuff which has no meaning but which sounds nice.

Then ram through the real business as fast and as secretly as possible and tell folks to look at everything except for the important stuff.

The Cambridge Machine organization is a belligerent company union. They succeed if they shut up all discussion of the destructive efforts under way on the Charles River. Suppression of discussion with a bureaucracy actively destroying achieves their goals.

This is the reason for non stop yelling about a building which has not been used for 80 years combined with prohibition against discussion of the very major problems created and being planned by their friends.

That is why the corrupt vote of April 2013 was rammed though in ten minutes with no chance to read anything until the beginning of the ten minutes.

They doubled the environmental destruction at Magazine Beach. They blessed the Governor’s proposed destruction of hundreds of trees and heartless animal abuse (House Bill H3332) by blessing their part of that irresponsible highway. They supported destruction of the little guys parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street.

This is the most basic of con games and hypocritical destruction. Yell about everything except what is important. Do your destruction as fast as possible and with as little ethics as necessary. Then go back to the false front.

The Cambridge Machine and the Cambridge City Council have achieved major destruction with such tactics while lying that they are pro environment.

2. Return visit to Trader Joe’s.

I went back to get photos.

They did not allow it. No photos in the store.

A further review of the mural did indicate that I overstated its width. It dominates the middle rear of the store but there are smaller murals to the left and right. 50% of the width? Perhaps.

That goose dominates the left end of the mural. Vertically, his span, foot to top of head is perhaps 75% of the height of the mural. The BU Bridge is behind him and he is looking west, thus viewing the rest of the mural. He is a unifying entity behind the work.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trader Joe’s: Friends of the Charles River White Geese

Trader Joe’s Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, has a mural extending above the coolers in the back of the store. It runs almost from one end of the store to the other.

It is a mural of the Charles River viewed from the Cambridge side. It runs, from left to right, from the BU Bridge to the River Street Bridge, the next bridge to the west.

Standing in the foreground, dominating his portion of the mural, is a beautiful Emden White Goose.

That White Goose and the rest of his gaggle have lived and fed at this location, Magazine Beach, for most of the last 33 years. They have been heartlessly barred from their food and their home by the City of Cambridge, MA, and the bureaucrats of the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Trader Joe’s, God bless them, is proudly proclaiming on that mural the great value of the Charles River White Geese, and exactly where the Charles River White Geese should be.

The bureaucrats have stated, in their Charles River Master Plan, their goal of killing off or driving away as many resident animals as they can get away with. They very formally are the destructive enemies of all resident animals who live on the Charles River Basin.

The bureaucrats’ public explanation for starving and heartlessly abusing the Charles River White Geese?

The key manager has loudly and repeatedly proclaimed his intent to do “no harm” to the Charles River White Geese. Even during the most heartless and outrageous of the attacks, he has restated this blatant lie. And clearly this outrage, along with many others, was done without public warning or approval.

Trader Joe’s Memorial Drive is the first or second Trader Joe’s store on the East Coast (perhaps after Coolidge Corner, Brookline). Trader Joe’s Memorial Drive was founded in about 1996, and they have been good friends of the Charles River White Geese.

I understand, talking with the manager this afternoon, that this mural was hand painted across nearly the entire back wall of the store about two years ago. It is beautiful and its very accurate glorifying of these beautiful beings is the sort of feeling that decent human beings have.

They are good people, and most people in Cambridge and the surrounding area are good people.

Then you have the Cambridge Machine which indulges in very much non stop lies about themselves. Those lies are necessary to fool decent people about where the Cambridge Machine and their destructive friends are really coming from.

Letter: Trains use the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge

1. Introduction.
2. Question.
3. Response.

1. Introduction.

We have done several reports on the ongoing attempts to run exit traffic from I 90 (Mass. Pike) to Cambridge by way of the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.

I got the following email in response to the second of the two reports. Links are provided in my response. I have slightly edited my response without changing its substance.

One explanation may be of value. In both of my photo reports, I point out a highway sign. In the first report, that highway sign is directly ahead if you simply follow the train tracks. In the second report, emphasizing the view from Boston, the sign is quite visible and I point out the connection to the Grand Junction Bridge in that background. The below response includes comment on what is on that highway sign.

I am attaching the usual satellite / areal map of the area from a government environmental report in 2006. I will not bother you with yet another detailed explanation of the photo. Either you do not need it, or, hopefully, the markings on the photo which I put there will be adequate.

The BU Bridge is identified to the right in the photo. The railroad bridge in question is visible running under it.

If that does not work, my explanation in the links, hopefully, will be adequate.

I appreciate a good question.

2. Question.

Isn't it true that the BU railroad bridge (a double set of tracks bridge with tracks only on side) is used daily to move train sections between North and South stations for the commuter rail?

And that this is the only connection between the two without going all the way out to 495?

3. Response.

That is the reason the MBTA study called for widening it by placing a third pathway to the east of the bridge. I believe it was proposed as sort of a cantilever arrangement.

The need for the third pathway is the reason why the machine is conning the bike highway lobby to widen the underpass under Memorial Drive, under the lie that it is for a bike highway.

It will be for a bike highway until Harvard needs its off ramp. Harvard purchased the future Harvard Medical School area several months after the report was published. Also occurring shortly after the report was the approval of a U Turn (which is reflected on that highway sign). The U-Turn makes the Grand Junction conversion viable for both directions rather than just to / from the west, which was the MBTA proposal, until the MBTA "suddenly" discovered that the cost of the project far outweighed the value of a Newton - Cambridge direct bus line. Strange, that limitation was obvious from the beginning.

When Harvard gets its off ramp, the bike highway will be rerouted where it should, responsibly, be put in the first place, to connect to Vassar Street at the point where Vassar Street right turns a few feet from the railroad tracks, and then to Memorial Drive by a much shorter route. I provided photos of the turn / connection in the pair of photo analyses, both from the road and the railroad side. Please check the blog,

The more recent of the pair of reports is at:

The earlier is at:

Also of interest is the immediately prior report, presenting the MassDOT / DCR "connectivity" report, at During the initial presentations of this study, the engineers expressed scorn for the lie that is at the basis of the highway lobby's "bike" highway to connect to Boston. They call the connection impossible.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Comments on the photos of the Destroyed Nesting Area and on Harvard’s off ramp

1. General.
2. March 11, 2014 photos.
3. February 28, 2014, The reality of Harvard’s new off ramp.
A. Comment.
B. Response.

1. General.

We have received interesting comments on facebook on our two recent reports. I have cleaned up some typos.

2. March 11, 2014 photos.

First Anjell on our report of March 11, 2014, entitled March with the Charles River White Geese, posted at

She is responding to the photo of the blocking of the entrance.

Anjell Bejanian

Oh, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

3. February 28, 2014, The reality of Harvard’s new off ramp.

This report was posted at

A. Comment.

Ari Ofsevit commented:

Wait, how does the Grand Junction bridge go to Harvard? MIT, sure, but it doesn't really go anywhere near Harvard

B. Response.

Hello Ari,

Welcome as a new friend of the Charles River White Geese.

Your question shows you know the turf, somewhat. Your question also shows why the Cambridge Machine has created an organization which runs around lying that they love the Charles River, followed by comments that if you love the Charles River, it is irresponsible to look at anything other than an ancient building that has not been used for 80 years.

The game is to have really major issues hidden through obfuscation tactics that have done a lot of damage in Cambridge during the City Manager regency which dates back to 1974. A lot of organizations have been created during that time which claim to be defending Cambridge and doing exactly the opposite.

One of the most recent fake groups, prior to the Cambridge Machine’s fight to destroy on the Charles River, was a group which claimed to be defending Alewife.

You just had to yell at the private developers exercising their zoning rights and ignore the behavior of the guys who created the zoning. The guys who created the zoning were fighting to destroy their part of Alewife.

The leader of that fake group then bragged of the first bunch of inexcusable destruction of irreplaceable acres of Alewife by her friends.

Please look at this posting on the blog at, and look at the second posting before it on facebook and on the blog at

The most important tactic of the Cambridge Machine is to lie about which side they are on and then stab their victims in the back.

Additionally, since you are clearly not fully familiar with the area, I am enclosing a map I have repeatedly published with my two reports. It is analyzed in detail in those two reports.

Please review my two postings in great detail.

The short part of the answer is, first, please look with great care at that rail yard / Mass. Pike exit on the far left of the aerial / satellite photo. The rail yard has been vacated. You will note that that area is across the Charles River from Magazine Beach. Further examination indicates that the Grand Junction rail bridge under the BU Bridge directly connects to that rail yard to Cambridge.

Harvard bought this area shortly after the MBTA proved the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge can be used as an exit from the Mass. Pike to Cambridge. An awful lot of environmental destruction is consistent with easing that off ramp into a position where traffic currently using the exits that Harvard now owns can be moved onto the new exit ramp. Other destruction is consistent with sharing the spoils.

Harvard’s recent purchase is larger than the Back Bay neighborhood. It very clearly is the future home of Harvard Medical School and related facilities. I can give you a whole bunch of other reports on that matter, but please start at looking at the reports directly on the point you are asking about and which you clearly have not read.

Thank you very much for your concern.

I think so highly of your comment that I will pass it on on the blog along with another comment on my most recent post.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March with the Charles River White Geese

Here are a few photos from Saturday, March 8, 2014, at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.


The entrance to the area is blocked as more starvation tactics, supposedly, I presume, as safety, but they are being deliberately starved by walling off their food for most of the last 33 years, and it is only humane to allow them a little bit of food across the on ramp to Memorial Drive.

When this opening was created, it was definitely negative for the reason why the closing is up now, for safety reasons, but the ongoing starvation tactics definitely changes things. The blocking will be taken down, obviously, when something more harmful is done.

In addition, the Charles River White Geese are careful jaywalkers. They stand on the side of the ramp until it is safe to cross and only then do they cross. The drivers love them, as do all decent human beings. The negative to their crossing is that they are geese. Once they start crossing, they do tend to meander.


The Charles River White Geese look for what food there is in the remnants of the supposed “amelioration” for the BU Bridge project. This area looks bad. The real bad area is the area that was not damaged by the BU Bridge project. That is the area with the massive destruction of ground vegetation by the Charles River “Conservancy”. The CRC destruction was made worse in the last year by railroad workers and “unidentified” people who came after the railroad workers and made things worse.

Then again, the introduced vegetation that is thriving could very well be yet another example of the outrage at Magazine Beach: bushes which are allowed to grow and grow and grow, blocking movement between the Charles River and Magazine Beach there, and destroying even more of the Destroyed Nesting Area for the permanent residents here.

The area in the middle of the first photo is a small portion of ground vegetation which was neither destroyed by the Charles River “Conservancy” nor by the BU Bridge Project nor by other, various irresponsible workers.

Undestroyed native vegetation, this and others, is consistently the best stuff in the area, and will once again be that when spring comes.

[573, 574, 580]


Passing these photos on in spite of lack of quality.

The white blur is a Charles River White Goose flapping his wings. The two other figures are Mallard Ducks.

[576, 577]