Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cher responds to Jeff and Archie, history of the Charles

Hi Bob,

I just read your letter to the man who provided that wonderfully interesting information, Jeff. I certainly hope that we can get more of this posted for all to see. For those who do not think that the reason you are doing this is or rather are, sufficient to win them over, than perhaps their reading a historical narrative may vastly change their opinion on the matter. Different strokes for different folks is all I am saying, and whatever it takes, is all that matters.

Reading about just that little bit of historical trivia places an even more important reason to save the land and geese and to keep the waterways pristine. Did Jeff write an article for the newspapers or did you or someone else?

I’ve not been able to keep abreast of things. I would love to see such an article if it hasn’t been done and maybe even a series, or even on the blog, maybe you could do trivia questions etc. to engage people. It may generate interest of many who are not currently involved. I hope that if you are doing this already youwil just ignore me but since I am so far behind on what is going on had to just state this as it seems such a wonderful idea. I will take the risk of thinking you haven’t thought of it alreasdy since you are writing about it. LOL regardless, its brilliant of you to start posting about the history of the area, just brilliant.

Keep up the good work.