Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Should the Mass. Governor’s Economic Development Chief take over as the Cambridge, MA City Manager?

Should the Mass. Governor’s Economic Development Chief take over as the Cambridge, MA City Manager?

The following communication was censored from the listserve of one cheerleading group which claims to be defending the Charles River in Cambridge.

This proposed communication was part of a series of communications concerning the impending replacement of Richard Rossi as Cambridge, MA, USA City Manager. Rossi is the third in a series of City Managers which amounts to one City Manager with three faces.

The Cambridge City Manager machine dates back to 1974 when James Leo Sullivan was hired as City Manager with Robert Healy as his Assistant City Manager. Sullivan was replaced by Robert Healy with Richard Rossi as his Assistant City Manager. Rossi is now retiring and proposes, dah dah, that his Assistant City Manager replace him.

Apparently the Economic Development Chief to the sitting Massachusetts governor looks like a candidate for the next City Manager of Cambridge, MA. Clearly there have been a series of communications on the issue. This one was censored as part of the continuing control of thoughts by Cambridge "protective" groups influenced by the City Manager Machine..

* * * *

Reality is that the 42 year Cambridge City Manager machine and its influenced and falsely named "protective" groups have done an outrageous amount of harm to Cambridge. These terrible people plan much more serious harm to the Charles River with the lie of "improvement."

The City Manager machine needs to be ENDED, and the DCR replaced with MassDOT which has acted as the adult in the house in key actions associated with Cambridge and the DCR.

As far as Baker's Economic Development Chief goes, I do not know the individual's record. I do know the record of the Baker administration in fighting to destroy the formerly expanding movie industry in the state.

I am a professional movie actor.

This year, as of tomorrow, 80% of my paid work days will have been IN RHODE ISLAND. ALL of my Massachusetts work has been on movies stuck in Massachusetts because they were presenting the marathon bombing, Stronger and Patriot's Day. The only pending studio work in Massachusetts that I am aware of is also stuck in Massachusetts because of subject matter, Chappaquiddick.

For the Governor to be claiming quality in economic development is as silly as ANY ONE of ELEVEN incumbent / recently fired Cambridge City Councillors lying that they are pro-environment.

Baker's games are sending strong communication to the movie industry that movies are not wanted in Massachusetts. And the industry is very clearly listening, given its flight from Massachusetts.

A quick sample of the recent outrage on the Charles River, OMITTING MOST OF THE IMPENDING OUTRAGES at Magazine Beach, the Destroyed Nesting Area and the area which was just destroyed, may be viewed at The Destruction of Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, USA, January - February 2016, Final Cut ,

Lies to the contrary are exactly that, lies designed to further vile goals from destructive bad people.