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Charles River: Charles River: 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 Member Cambridge, MA, USA City Council

Charles River:  Charles River:  10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 Member Cambridge, MA, USA City Council.

1. 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 member City Council.
2. Cambridge Common.
3. Alewife.
4. Malvina Monteiro.
5. Charles River.
6. Overview.
7. Summary.

1. 10 Bad City Councilors on a 9 member City Council.

Said with knowledge of reality.

2. Cambridge Common.

I have just reported on the outrage on the City Council’s destruction of the Cambridge Common.

I informed the current Cambridge City Council of their plans for destruction of the Cambridge Common, and and I objected to their plans for destruction of the Cambridge Common.

I included photos of the threatened outrage.

That report is posted at FgQ9ojVuMxM.  Photos of their achievement are posted at

About a month before the destruction, the current Cambridge City Council (with appropriate euphemisms) sent an order to the Cambridge City Manager wondering why the trees had not been destroyed and encouraging him to destroy them as fast as possible.  No objections to the order.

I note from the Winters blog that he anticipates last term City Councilor Minka Y. vanBeuzecom to be seeking reelection after a term of forced absence by the voters.

VanBeuzecom is one of the standard Cambridge liars claiming to be environmental saints.  Her house signs contain a graphic lying of environmentalism.  She clearly protects the environment based on Cambridge's secret definition in which “environmentalism” is defined as the protection of that part of the environment which is not currently being destroyed by the City of Cambridge.

VanBeauzecom voted for the funds for destruction of the Cambridge Common.  Her explanation was that the Development Department told her it was ok.

3. Alewife.

This includes multiple destruction of the environment at Alewife, a lot in compliance with irresponsible zoning under the supervision of the Cambridge Council.  This includes the destruction of 3.4 acres of Alewife behind 165 CambridgePark Drive by the City of Cambridge and its friends, with the strong likelihood of total destruction coming.

During vanBeuzecom’s term of office, I sat through a presentation associated with her in which she bragged of environmental enlightenment of the City of Cambridge at Alewife.  Under the Cambridge definition of “environmentalism,” she was bragging about protection of the environment except for that part of the environment being destroyed by the City of Cambridge.

I directly questioned her about Cambridge’s destruction of those 3.4 acres of irreplaceable woodlands in the Alewife reservation behind 165 CambridgePark Drive.  VanBeuzecom had no problem with the destruction of those 3.4 acres.

VanBeuzekom has served as a poster girl for the fake “protective” group fighting for destruction at Alewife while, of course, ignoring the destruction they are fighting for.

But vanBeuzekom loves to brag on Cambridge’s enlightenment at Alewife.

4. Malvina Monteiro.

This follows on the outrage of the destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro.

Monteiro was a black Cape Verdean department head.  Monteiro had the nerve to believe the non stop claims of sainthood by the Cambridge City Council.  Monteiro had the nerve to file a women’s rights complaint alleging bias in pay because she was a woman.

Three levels of court STRONGLY condemned the then Cambridge City Manager, Robert Healy for this outrage.  Exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council were in any way concerned about the outrage.  Exactly ZERO attempted to implement the very strong court communications and fire Healy for Malfeasance in Office.  He retired with honor.

The Cambridge City Council even named the Police Station after this person.

Healy committed “reprehensible” behavior.  Healy had presented about him “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”

These quotes are from the trial judge’s formal opinion and the Appeals Court Panel’s non formal formal opinion.  The trial jury awarded Monteiro $1.1 million real damages and $3.5 million PENAL damages, to express their contempt for the destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro by Robert Healy.

This blog has fully quoted these two opinions.  The opinions are readily available from links on the home page of this blog.

All of the five currently sitting Cambridge City Councilors who have more than two years experience were part of this outrage.

5. Charles River.

This follows on the so many outrages on the Charles River.

Just to pick one, a vote that stands out is the vote of $20 million by the State House to destroy hundreds of excellent trees and animal habitat between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, including the destroyed nesting area where the Charles River White Geese are being deliberately starved by Cambridge and its friends.  Massachusetts Ch. 286 of the Acts of 2014, “Historic Parkways”

My communication of DETAILED destruction plans to the current Cambridge City Council is posted at  They claim “neutrality” which translates as a wink and a nod, especially when viewed in light of their reprehensible record.

They are working on so many other outrages and have voted for so many other outrages.

Among other things, a unanimous Cambridge City Council, including vanBeuzekom, voted for “underpasses” for the three bridges after the BU Bridge on the Charles River.

The responsible state agency, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, has condemned this proposal as environmentally destructive and wasteful of state money.

The fraudulently named Charles River “Conservancy” has called the destruction supported by vanBeauzecom and company something which includes the outrage in Ch. 286 of the Acts of 2014, “Historic Parkways.”  CRC fought for that destruction using this argument.

6. Overview.

I really cannot go into the massive tome which can be created.

The outrage on the Cambridge Common combined with the ongoing AND ACCELERATING outrage on the Charles River.

This disqualifies the current nine incumbents from being considered anything other than vile.

So the issue is other past city councilors who might be running.

Four councilors were not reelected in the last election.  Two, a current state representative and Davis, stood out as the most environmentally destructive members.  The current state representative did not seek reelection after being coronated for higher office.

Davis ran for more than a decade under the lie of being an “environmentalist” (under the Cambridge pols’ secret definition of :environmentalism,” secrecy of the definition never being mentioned, of course).  She did not seek reelection.  Good riddance.

That leaves vanBeauzecom and a Black gay man.

The Black gay man was part of the part of the accelerating environmental outrage.  He was part of the Monteiro outrage.  One councilor was fired by the voters, probably over Monteiro, in the prior election.  Monteiro was probably part of an accumulation of bad achievement by the Black gay councilor that resulted in his firing.

The Black gay councilor is not listed as a candidate by Winters.  He has apparently sold his house on Harvard Street.  Another good riddance.

VanBeuzecom.  Outrage on the Cambridge Common.  Outrage on the Charles River.  Outrage at Alewife.

VanBeuzecom clearly qualifies as the tenth bad city councilor.  She makes things worse because her lies of environmentalism make her fighting for votes that could go to people who are meaningfully pro environment.

7. Summary.

Ten bad city councilors fighting for nine city council seats in a truly vile political world.