Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART 2

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage, PART 2

On April 12, 2015, I forwarded my photos of the outrage inflicted on the Cambridge Common by nine environmentally vile Cambridge City Councilors.  This follows on the Cambridge City Council and friends destruction of 3.4 plus acres of the Alewife reservation, and the ongoing and impending outrages by the Cambridge City Council and its friends on the Charles River.

Key in all this is the massive organization in Cambridge lying of “concern” and implementing the exact opposite with non stop holier than thou lies.

Key on the Charles River is the fake group with its belligerently corrupt tactics and no meaningful support for the outrages they are TRULY fighting for in spite of loud proclamations to the contrary.

On looking at the report on Sunday, I regretted not providing a blow by blow description of the vileness.  Please note that trees without protection could be destroyed yet.

So, I am going back on selected pictures and will give you a blow by blow.  If you want the full package, please look at the blog report at:

First are the before and after pictures:

On this after picture, clearly, there have been a massive number of trees destroyed.  I am just looking at stuff I can point out in this picture.

Looking at the curve to the couples' left, I would say that they are standing to the right of the tree shown there, if it has not been destroyed.

See the lamp post to their right in both pictures.  The excellent tree behind the lamppost is one of many which has been destroyed by the vile nine.

Here is a photograph of the three closer to the plaza.

The excellent tree which was straight ahead has been destroyed (cone).  That was blocked by his body in the first photo.  To the left of the undestroyed tree left of that destruction, I can see three cone.

Here is a view from slightly to the left.  One of the excellent trees in the before picture is now a cone.  The one we just looked at can be seen straight ahead and to the right.  

The Harvard building in the background is on the opposite side of the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Cambridge Street.  It is the former JFK School of Government.  I am not certain as to its current use.  The jogger is on a path on the Cambridge Common destruction zone.

Note the lamppost to the left of the cone in the rear.  I would think that this was the second tree visible in the before picture, and that the stump on the far left was the third tree in the before picture.

Above, panning to the left toward Garden Street.  To the left of the not destroyed tree is a stump without out a cone and there appears to be a cone a bit further over.  To the far left may be yet another destroyed tree.

Here is another view of the same monument.  Straight ahead is the entrance from Harvard Square.  You can see a cone denoting destruction above the monument to its right.

Another angle of the same monument, from the circle around the main monument.  Two destruction cones.

Below is the obverse view of the before picture, from the central area of this part of the Cambridge Common.  In the back is the entrance to the park from which the before picture was taken.  All the trees (three) to the left of the before picture have been destroyed.  There is another tree in the middle without a cone.  Look for more at your convenience.  

True devastation of the entrance from Harvard square.  The steeple in the background is of the nearest church in Harvard Square to this outrage.

Panning the camera toward Garden Street from the central circle.  There are three destruction cones, at minimum visible.  Please excuse the variation in exposure.  I am using an iPod Touch, with a primitive camera.  Before the destruction, I did not have to worry about over exposure.  The tall building is Harvard's School of Education.

Panning further back (west) on Garden Street.  Two destruction cones.  One stump in the middle without a destruction cone, and another destruction cone visible to the right.

Panning back to the Harvard Square entrance (on left), I see a minimum of four destruction cones.

Getting another angle to the right of the original before photo.

Note all the protected trees and the excellent tree at the far right without protection.

It probably has been destroyed now.

I see a lot of other trees without protections.  Those are why I started in my last report showing unprotected trees.

There is more coming here.

There are vast numbers of targeted trees that the fake group is fighting to destroy on the Charles River.