Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boston Globe praises Charles, very clearly omissions in its view of reality

1. Archie’s Report.
2. Editor’s Comment.

1. Archie’s Report.

Today's (10/11/11) Boston Globe features on its Opinion page columnist Derrick Z. Jackson's "Clear And Clean - In 20 years, the Charles goes from embarrassment to a wild river." The article is upbeat and this quote is highlighted:

One by one, people started believing, and we hit that tipping point where people remembered that their grandmothers swam in the Charles and wanted that for themselves again." (Bill Walsh-Rogaleski, attorney in the EPA's New England office)

The photo for his article appears to have been taken from the BU Bridge depicting the view to the east.

Yes, it is an upbeat article, but this portion seems to be missing something:

"Another visible tipping point of the Charles is the wildlife. The river now hosts otters, beavers, fishers, heron, hawks, herring and migrating loons. Maury Eldridge, one of the river's most most dedicated kayaking photographers, says it has become more a 'national park or wildlife sanctuary than an urban/suburban river.'"

Perhaps Mr. Jackson is not aware of the plight of the Charles River White Geese. Visitors to this Blog might Email Mr. Jackson, who is an excellent columnist, to let him know about the Charles River White Geese and how their hosts, the Commonwealth and the City of Cambridge, have been mistreating them. Mr. Jackson can be reached at: jackson@globe.com.

Archie Mazmanian

2. Editor’s Comment.

Sounds like the kind of people who support the imminent destruction of the Alewife reservation as well.

The wildlife the author praises are very clearly targeted for destruction on the Charles River Basin by policies adopted by the DCR. The DCR has no world for wildlife.

Aside from that the Globe is living in reality.