Monday, March 29, 2010

Con Game on the Cambridge Common

1. Introductory.
A. Invitation.
B. Reality.
2. The Cambridge Common, Sunday, March 28, 2009.
A. General.
B. Close Encounter with a Destructive Pol.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Introductory.

A. Invitation.

An individual with a record of fake environmental initiatives as part of The Cambridge Machine put out the following invitation:


Join the Leadership Campaign’s
Rally & Sleep-Out
Sunday, March 28th
Cambridge Common, Cambridge, MA

March to the State House
Call for 100% Clean Electricity in Massachusetts by 2020!
Monday morning, March 29th

All are invited to join any or all portions of this event


B. Reality.

The Cambridge Machine does a decidedly spectacular job using the standard techniques of Company Union organizations.

Company unions are created by management to give the impression of being unions while, in reality, suppressing the union movement.

They suppress the union movement by creating organizations that look like unions, getting people to join, and then using their fake union to suppress real union activity and, if possible, achieving anti-union goals.

When it comes to the environment in Cambridge, The Cambridge Machine aggressively creates these fake groups. They run around loudly protecting everything and everything EXCEPT the environment that The Cambridge Machine is destroying.

The destruction is aimed at destruction of the Charles River, destruction of Fresh Pond, destruction of Alewife, destruction of large numbers of trees, heartless animal abuse, and a lot of other really bad stuff.

But they love to talk about fancy buildings.

Essentially, they are keeping “trouble makers” contained and aiming followers away from anything and everything that could respond to the environmental destruction being achieved by The Cambridge Machine.

To the extent that well meaning individuals can be conned into assisting environmental destroyers at the State House or on the Cambridge City Council (eight proven, one too soon to tell), that much the better from their point of view.

The announcement of this gathering was the first I had heard of “The Leadership Campaign.” Typical, lovely name. The Cambridge Machine does a great job on lovely names.

2. The Cambridge Common, Sunday, March 28, 2009.

A. General.

The key time was 4 pm, a rally with speakers.

I showed up at about 3:40 pm and got a spot with an excellent view.

There were perhaps 15 expensive looking tents well aligned in rows on the Cambridge Common near Garden Street and Mass. Ave. There are three Common paths converging at that intersection. The tents and their occupants were located between the two paths nearest Garden Street.

The occupants were chit chatting among the tents.

I leafleted from 3:45 pm to 4:05 pm at the convergence of the two paths. I stopped at 4:05 pm because there was not enough action to justify continuing.

I would be happy to provide a copy of the flier. Please email at This was the standard flier of Friends of the White Geese. One side addresses the destruction targeted at the Charles River; the other side addresses the ongoing destruction of the environment throughout Cambridge.

A number of people talked with me. The area most definitely was not quiet. It was just that by about 4:05 pm, it just did not seem to make sense to stay.

To the extent anybody I encountered asked particulars, I went into details as to my attempts to protect the Charles River and the City of Cambridge from The Cambridge Pols. I described the standard con from the Cambridge Machine.

The “demonstration” on the Cambridge Common most definitely looked like a part of the standard con. I went into details as to the techniques and about the ongoing environmental destruction.

As I left, a man came out of the group of tent dwellers carrying one of my leaflets. He strongly thanked me for the warning.

B. Close Encounter with a Destructive Pol.

As I left, I also noticed, illegally parked on Garden Street near Mass. Ave., Cambridge City Councilor (and most recent prior Mayor) Denise Simmons.

Denise Simmons is running for State Senate. She is clearly an environmental destroyer, and belligerently a heartless animal abuser on the Charles River.

I may have missed someone but I saw no other major political types.

That could explain who was behind this con game.