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Boston, MA, USA City Council / Mayor Candidates

I try to keep the facebook pages directly on point with regard to environmental matters.

The only big problem member who has not been thrown off the list is a woman whom I think is a legislator. She has several times put in posts which I have immediately deleted as irrelevant.

She has posted the following notice which I have not deleted.

I have posted the following comment of explanation:


I am leaving this posted because, I see exactly zero candidates running for Cambridge City Council in whom I have any environmental confidence.

All incumbents plus one school committee member running for city council have filthy hands on environmental matters, period.

In contrast, at least, the outgoing Mayor of Boston is a person for whom I have a lot more respect than any of the Cambridge incumbents.

That is not to say that I do not have major concerns about the empire building in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, but, oddly, the worst of the stuff has been transplanted to the Cambridge side.

I think, in part, that the situation is directly influenced by the massive organization in place in Cambridge using totalitarian techniques to lie to the voters that very bad people are worthy of respect.


On reading this posting, I note that the sponsors do not include the Sierra Club. The Boston Sierra Club is clearly heavily influence by the very destructive Cambridge Machine, and have repeatedly endorsed irresponsible people for Cambridge City Council.

I have also been aware of people representing the Sierra Club regurgitating a key flat out lie put out by the City of Cambridge concerning route options in the mass transit proposal known as the Urban Ring.

The Boston Sierra Club has made itself part of the problem.

Update at Harvard Medical School Relocation: Container Yard Abandoned?

1. Rail Yard Abandoned?
2. Photos of the Rail Yard a year ago.
3. Summary.
4. Exchange on facebook.

1. Rail Yard Abandoned?

The situation is getting much more clear in the relocation of Harvard Medical School to the off ramps and rail yard at the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90)’s exit in Allston.

We now have word that the container yard facility in the rail yard has no containers for shipment, a definite indication that the yard has moved to Worcester, MA, which was the plan of the railroad.

The exchange came in response to my last post on this blog which, in abridged form, was published on the Charles River White Geese Facebook page. That exchange is below.

2. Photos of the Rail Yard a year ago.

A year ago, I posted photos of the rail yard and its maintenance yard, from Memorial Drive, which is north of the facility.

I have now repeatedly published the following photo taken from the Harvard Gazette report, of the tracks south of the facility.

None of these photos show the container yard itself which is the subject of the communications. I am sorry about that. I hope to get some myself and would love to get and publish correct photos, as I did on the Longfellow Bridge destruction, from folks who beat me to the area and get photos.

3. Summary.

In my last report, I passed on Massachusetts Governor Patrick’s announcement of the straightening of the Mass. Turnpike (I90) with a resultant release of significant acreage for development. He neglected to mention (they always neglect to mention) that the only beneficiary is Harvard University. Please see

I have repeatedly reported on Patrick’s efforts to destroy hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive on the north side of the Charles River to accept passenger vehicle traffic currently going through the Mass. Pike exit owned by Harvard University. Details are in that report along with links to state legislative emails.

In my next report, hopefully, I will go into part of the efforts of Cambridge pols to assist in the destruction. This is of Councilor / State Rep Toomey’s bragging of part of it in the lie of a bike path which will very quickly (not mentioned of course) be replaced in the key, Charles River, portion by the relocated off ramp.

4. Exchange on facebook.

This is edited. The reporter is a friend from my professional acting efforts. He, and I, improperly went into a movie I auditioned for last week.

The reporter is James Tighe:


[October 24, 7:56 pm]

I went by the rail yards the other day and wondered what happened to the rail yards.......


[Your editor, October 24, 9:13 pm:]

Thanks. You are raising a good point and, apparently are more up to date on the yards than I am.

Harvard bought them on condition that Massachusetts may continue to use them for transportation uses.

Straightening the Mass. Pike out with that language from the Governor sounds deadly.

The railroad plans were to move the yard function to Worcester. Perhaps they have gone forward.

I post these reports on three sites. I have intended another subject for the next post but, as I said, you are raising an excellent point.

The other ongoing issue is whether the yards would be used for daytime storage of trains going in to South Station. The governor's announcement clearly says no, but could yards be fit in with straightening? Highly unlikely, based on the governor's comment.

Thank you.


[James, October 24, 9:12 pm:

There are no rail cars there and the tracks look rusted.


[editor, 10/24, 9:16 pm]

Wow. I guess I need to go by there.

There are at least two sets of yards. North of the Mass. Pike is the functional yards, storage of cars. South of the Mass. Pike is a repair yard. I do not have full knowledge of the layout. I know there were other tracks in the area.


[James, 9:16 pm]

I also remember when the Seaport area was nothing but rail yards. I went to see a "rolling" display of Titanic stuff on a rail car there. I hadn't been married long so it had to be the late '70s the yards were still there


[editor, 9:18 pm]

Yes. Very clearly the South Boston yards are gone.

The Boston cop drama showed those very heavily and the change is dramatic. Now there are still tracks there but they make big noises to the extent they are using them


[James, 9:19 pm]

The ones I saw Bob were in the bend of the MASS Pike and served to load and un load containers. And put them on tractor trailers. That yard is empty now.


[James and I got side tracked on acting, with a confused comment from a third friend of the Charles River White Geese. I apologized and summarized as follows.]

James is a friend from acting and he went off the subject. I will selectively delete the off subject posts, but I first want to record things.

He is presenting very valuable input on related matters.

The real game on the Charles River is that the environment is being destroyed for the benefit of Harvard's expansion in Allston. The governor's announcement admitted helping Harvard's without mentioning Harvard.

Harvard owns the Mass. Pike exit in Allston and plans to move its Medical School there.

A very key part of the move is to move the Mass. Pike off ramps to Cambridge by the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge which runs through the home of the Charles River White Geese which the powers that be have been heartlessly attacking.

A further key part is the destruction of hundreds of trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge, straightening out Memorial Drive to take the traffic from the Mass. Pike.

James' most important point was that it looks like the rail yard is empty of rail yard use. The plan was to move the facility to Worcester to open it up for Harvard. Apparently it has been moved.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Massachusetts Governor announces first stage of relocation of Harvard Medical School to Harvard’s Mass. Pike Exits and Rail Yards in Allston

Massachusetts Governor announces first stage of relocation of Harvard Medical School to Harvard’s Mass. Pike Exits and Rail Yards in Allston

Massachusetts Governor Patrick, today, announced the first stage in the relocation of Harvard Medical School to the Harvard owned Mass. Pike (I90) exit / railroad yard properties in the Allston area bounded by the Charles River, Cambridge Street, Boston University and remnants of a neighborhood.

His announcement is posted at

Here is a photo of the western extreme of the area. The Massachusetts Turnpike is at the right bottom.

I have posted two other photos, showing the Harvard projects further west. All three are from the Harvard Gazette of October 18, along with analysis at

The key part is:


The I-90 Turnpike straightening project will replace a nearly half mile long structurally-deficient viaduct including 29 bridge structures built in the mid-1960’s. The viaduct project will straighten existing turns on both sides of the existing Allston-Brighton toll area, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions while opening up to 60 acres for future development in the Beacon Park Yards area

Governor Patrick neglects to mention there is exactly one owner in the Beacon Park Yards area, Harvard University.

Governor Patrick also neglect to mention that this railroad yard and the Mass. Pike exits were purchased by Harvard University within months of the publication of a study finding it possible to put a Mass. Pike exit on the Grand Junction railroad bridge next to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

Governor Patrick is seeking $26 million in bond authority to destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge / Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge, House Bill H3332. This would ease the moving of the Mass. Pike exit to the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.

The fake neighborhood association’s corrupt vote of April 23, 2013, helped lay the ground work, together with its non stop company union efforts.

The South Station expansion project called for using Beacon Yards for train storage for South Station, to the shock of Harvard. Harvard was not pleased. The governor is squarely on the side of environmental destruction by this announcement.

Emails for all Massachusetts legislators are posted at

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lying about which side they are on works for the Cambridge City Council

Lying about which side they are on works for the Cambridge City Council

1. Lovely letter, bizarre reality.
2. Reality.

1. Lovely letter, bizarre reality.

George Despotes forwards the following, quoted without omission since it clearly is intended to be publicly distributed.


Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 08:54:11 -0400
Subject: Thanks to City Council for recommending Cambridge divestment of pension fund from fossil fuel industries

Dear Councillor Cheung and the City Council,

Thank you very much for recommending that the retirement board divest from fossil fuels. And thanks to Councillor Cheung for his in-depth, eloquent appeal to the state legislature to also divest.

The precise level of danger we face in the climate crisis may be hard to pinpoint. What is clear is the present catastrophic damage people, animals, and the habitat deals with every year as a result of rapid global warming. And what is also clear from the geological record and from climate modeling is the totally unacceptable level of risk that the fossil fuel industries would put the habitat under if they continue to operate under their current business plan.

Divestment by major institutions has worked in the past to "remove the veneer of respectability" from irresponsible and immoral industries and governments.

I hope that perhaps Harvard University's President Faust and the rest of the Harvard Corporation can be persuaded to act as responsibly as the Cambridge City Council has.

Chris Young

A. L. B., 1990, Harvard University Extension School

CYInsight, math visualization for education and industry
Follower/friend of:
Arctic Methane Emergency Group, Mass. Chapter
Boston Ethical Society
First Parish, Cambridge, U.-U.

2. Reality.

I think the most important part of Mr. / Ms. Young’s email reads:


I hope that perhaps Harvard University's President Faust and the rest of the Harvard Corporation can be persuaded to act as responsibly as the Cambridge City Council has.


Harvard and the Cambridge City Council have a very important thing in common. They are both environmentally destructive while lying about which side they are on.

“Do as I say. Not as I do.”

A recent report of mine, at goes into reality as far as Harvard’s supposed claims of holiness on the environment goes, with the initiative from a Harvard related individual who appears to be living in reality, in sharp contrast to Mr. / Ms. Young.

I do not have to go far from Harvard to demonstrate a very nasty reality as far as the nine environmentally “reprehensible” members of the Cambridge City Council: the Cambridge Common, which Harvard shows on Harvard maps as Harvard open space.

“Reprehensible” quotes a Superior Court judge commenting on the real attitude of the City of Cambridge with regard to Women’s Rights. That Judge was affirmed by an Appeals Court panel which refused to dignify Cambridge’s appeal with a formal opinion, “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.” The independent evaluation of the City of Cambridge is not complimentary.

The real record of the Cambridge City Council is 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common being destroyed by the Cambridge City Council. Those trees would not be destroyed without the shared guilt by Harvard University. The ENF spoke about many of the trees blocking the view. Councilor Minka has justified the destruction because Cambridge’s environmentally destructive staff told her to destroy them. Unanimous vote anyway.

But both Harvard and the City of Cambridge love to lie about which side they are on.

And third parties can only be evaluated by bad associations and outrageously false praise.

I know nothing about Mr. / Ms. Young except the stench of the Cambridge Machine.

I have constantly quoted the lying of the Cambridge City Council that they are pro-environment.

Yelling at somebody else about environmental issues which are only peripherally related to their duties is a long standing technique of lying about themselves which is favored by the Cambridge City Council.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Harvard maps of Harvard University’s empire building in Allston, MA, USA

The Harvard Gazette, in its October 18, 2013 issue, reports on approvals for the first stage of Harvard’s empire in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, near the Harvard Business School and Harvard Stadium at

The report presents three maps. They are reproduced below.

The best plan has large yellow buildings in the middle of the plan. These are the Harvard Square density buildings which are intended to be the core of this part of the project. The new location for Harvard Medical School is to the right of the plan shown.

[West / Central Map]

Of the two other plans, one is in black and white, showing two streets, North Harvard Street and Western Avenue. The point of the two streets is in the middle of those big yellow buildings. The tiny buildings between the two streets are the affordable housing being destroyed, the Charlesgate Housing complex.

[Black and White Map]

The third plan is the only one to show the area where the very long range plans threaten the Charles River. In all the three maps, the Charles River is at the top.

This plan shows a major highway on the right extreme. This highway is owned by Harvard University. It is I90 / the Massachusetts Turnpike. The exit which is being moved to the railroad bridge which runs next to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese is not directly shown. If you look above the Super Highway complex, you will see a fairly thin road. That is the ramp to the exit / entrance.

[Color, right]

This area and the area to the right not shown is the long range target for which so much destruction is being inflicted on the Charles River and the Cambridge side of the Charles River, to facilitate the relocation of the very large Harvard Medical School complex for the long term expansion of the Harvard Medical Area hospitals. Exactly which will go where in replacing Harvard’s off ramps and railroad yard is not know. The first part of the complex, the Harvard School of Public Health, is admitted to being moved to Western Avenue as part of the first stage of empire building in the Allston neighborhood of Boston.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is Harvard University destroying the environment in Argentina in addition to the Charles River?

1. General Analysis.
2. Press Release.
3. Comment from Dale F. Appel.

1. General Analysis.

Looking at the ongoing outrages on the Charles River, Harvard’s empire building on the Boston / Allston (North) side of the river is consistent with very filthy environmental hands on the part of Harvard and its friends for the benefit of Harvard.

It is a pleasure to see a group with apparent Harvard connections standing up to what looks like Harvard destructiveness of trees beyond the Charles River, in Argentina.

The most egregious immediate example is the governor’s House Bill H3332 with $26 million for projects which includes destruction of hundreds of trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge. This has been sold as “underpasses” under the next three bridges. The euphemism for the tree destruction is “Historical Parkways”. This destruction was previously defeated when the bureaucrats went for Obama reconstruction moneys. They are settling for a lie that describes $2 to $4 million of the funds, “underpasses” which the responsible bureaucracy, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, condemns as environmentally destructiveness.

The tree destruction would straighten out Memorial Drive to make it easier to move the I90 (Mass. Pike) exit ramp from Allston / Cambridge, to the Grand Junction Bridge under the BU Bridge. That would greatly assist moving the Harvard Medical School to the rail yards and that current exit, which Harvard purchased months after transit folks proved the rail bridge could be maneuvered into holding that traffic.

Here is what looks like a press release from concerned folks concerning Argentina. Thanks to George Despotes for providing it. It seems to have originated in Sam Wohns,

2. Press Release.

PRESS RELEASE: New Report Reveals Harvard University’s Timber Plantations in Argentine Degrade Wetlands

Responsible Investment at Harvard


Anuradha Mittal,, 510-469-5228
Sam Wohns,, 616-334-8343 New Report Reveals Harvard University's Timber Plantations in Argentina Degrade World's Second Largest Wetlands, Endanger Surrounding Communities

October 15, 2013, Oakland, CA --A report released today reveals that industrial timber plantations owned by Harvard University in the Corrientes province of Argentina have degraded the Iberá Wetlands ecosystem and endangered thousands of small-holder farmers in the region. The report is a joint publication of the Oakland Institute and the Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition.

The report's findings contradict recent statements by Harvard University President Drew Faust about the university's investment practices. Two weeks ago, she wrote of Harvard's "commitment to sustainable investment" and its "distinctive responsibilities to society."

"When I saw how the plantations have invaded the wetlands, I felt sick to my stomach," said Sam Wohns, the report's author. "As a Harvard student, I shouldn't be benefiting from environmental destruction halfway across the world."

Together, Harvard's timber companies in Corrientes, Argentina--EVASA and Las Misiones--are worth $55.2 million and encompass 217,166 acres of land. Since it purchased the companies in 2007, the university has rapidly expanded the timber plantations into protected wetland areas and surrounding communities.

According to residents in nearby communities, the plantations reduce the productivity of their farms, create public health problems, and cause damage to public roads.

"Harvard's plantations are destroying our way of life," said Adrían Obregón, a member of the San Miguel Association of Small Producers, an organization of smallholder farmers who live near Harvard's plantations. "We want Harvard to stop expanding its plantations within our communities."

Despite their negative impacts, most of the plantations are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for sustainable management practices. According to FSC audits, however, Harvard has failed to fully implement sustainable management practices. Harvard has also rolled back environmentally friendly practices implemented by a previous owner.

"Harvard has repeatedly tried to hide its reckless behavior in the Iberá Wetlands under the guise of responsible investment," said Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute. "This report by Harvard students is a call to maintain the integrity of the university's investments."

The Responsible Investment at Harvard Coalition is calling on Harvard University President Drew Faust to implement the report's proposals, which are based on interviews conducted with community members, plantation workers, and other stakeholders.

"This student-written report is a milestone for responsible investment in higher education," said Dan Apfel, an expert on university endowments and the executive director of the Responsible Endowments Coalition. "Harvard should put a stop to the dangerous expansion of its plantations in the Iberá Wetlands and start investing its entire $32.7 billion endowment responsibly."

3. Comment from Dale F. Appel.

It is horrible because one would think there was enough brain power at Harvard for them to realize the long term problems that will result from their flagrant abuse and destruction of the forest in Argentina as well as destroying the habitat of the wild geese in Cambridge.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA, State to brag of first stage of Destruction of the irreplaceable Alewife Reservation

Cambridge, MA, USA, State to brag of first stage of Destruction of the irreplaceable Alewife Reservation

Longtime Cambridge Machine operative Robert Winters has published in his “Cambridge Civic Journal Forum” the proud announcement by Cambridge and the state bureaucrats of the first stage of their destruction of the irreplaceable Alewife.

This reprehensible act is being accomplished with a Cambridge Machine company union telling folks to look at the private property owners in the area and ignore the very real threat of their friends.

According to the report, 3.2 acres of irreplaceable woods have been replaced for flood protection.

Not mentioned is that the flood protection will protect against the worst possible storm in two years and flood protection under the definition of the world is against the worst possible storm in 100 years.

Winters photos are as follows:

[August 2012]

[October 2013]

My own photos of this outrage have been published at:

Look at the edge of this outrage. These massive trees used to occupy the “created wetlands”.

The key is that the area needs flood protection. Cambridge and the State Bureaucrats are either going to destroy the entire irreplaceable Alewife reservation for the flood protection with the Cambridge Machine cheering them on or they are going to put flood storage under the many new buildings coming on line.

Trouble is that the company unions have been telling folks to look at the private developers. Do not look at Cambridge. Do not look at the fact that flood protective tanks should be placed under new developments with Cambridge money.

So the buildings are going up without the flood protection.

The leader of the key fake group has publicly bragged of the destruction in the pages of the Cambridge Chronicle.

And she keeps up the pious nonsense.

And the Cambridge Machine frauds on the Charles River fight for destruction of hundreds of trees there, even stooping to blatantly corrupt tactics.

And a fake “Conservancy” has just disclosed that the public hearing on the Governor’s bill for Charles River destruction, H3332, had its hearing in August rather than in September for which a wrong impression has been given. The fake “Conservancy”, of course, is part of the outrage on the Charles corresponding to the fake group at Alewife.

Business as usual in the "reprehensible" City of Cambridge, MA, USA. "Reprehensible" quotes the judge in Monteiro v. Cambridge, concerning Cambridge's contempt for women's rights.

Friday, October 11, 2013

300 Year Old Pear Tree Survives Near the Charles River

1. George Despotes Reports.
2. In context.

1. George Despotes Reports.

The Massachusetts General Hospital publication this week has a short article about a pear tree planted in 1632 that is still producing ...

[ed. Massachusetts General Hospital is on the south side of the Charles River at the foot of the rear side of Beacon Hill in Boston. It is on the opposite side of the Charles River from Cambridge.]

2. In context.

That won't happen on public property in Cambridge.

It would be in the way of the saplings they want to be planted to make Tree City USA since Tree City USA only counts saplings and does not count the mature, excellent trees destroyed to make way for saplings.

Additionally, many carefully controlled Company Unions sound great. They run around proclaiming their independence and praising the city, and its very destructive bureaucrats, councilors and friends. Too many of them are very effective in achieving the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

But they sound great and, if you do not understand reality, you might even consider all of them meaningful.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alewife: The pious con games persist.

Cambridge Day published yet another extended analysis on October 8 by Ellen Mass on Alewife. The usual holier than thou nonsense / company union bit.

I have submitted the following response, with edits:


Photos of destruction at Alewife that Ellen Mass has bragged about in the pages of the Cambridge Chronicle may be viewed at:

Ellen fights the Don Quixote fights against private developers and stalls against the winnable fights against public developers in the core Alewife reservation. The core Alewife Reservation is fully savable by building flood storage under new buildings by the city constructing flood storage in partnership with the local developers.

The MacKinnon projects are built with smaller versions of what should be done.

So Ellen tells people to look at everything else except the fight that can be won, the fight against the imminent destruction of the core Alewife reservation by her irresponsible friends at the City of Cambridge and the DCR.

Suddenly they will "notice" that the "flood protection" in the area of destruction that Ellen has bragged about will only protect against two year storms. Then they will destroy the rest of the publicly owned Alewife.

Who is most guilty for this: Ellen Mass and others in the Cambridge Machine telling people to look at private property owners acting within allowed zoning and not to look at her irresponsible government friends and their destruction which she has bragged about.


Just another very destructive company union fighting for the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Cambridge, MA, USA Machine, Fruit Trees on the Charles, plus destruction at the Cambridge Common and Alewife.

1. Introduction.
2. Censored response on Magazine Beach and the Destroyed Nesting area.
3. Response from George Despotes.
4. The corrupt tactics — Machine’s Corrupt fight for massive fruit tree destruction.
5. “Minka, Cheung, Kelley and environmental destruction, Alewife and the Cambridge Common.

1. Introduction.

One thing which is a very strong constant around the Cambridge Machine is lofty, lovely discussions with machine operatives in the middle looking great but, through omission, frequently fighting for the opposite of that lovely goal.

The Cambridge Machine’s forum has repeatedly seen discussions about the possible planting of fruit trees. Most of the discussion has been responsible. A couple of posts have supported fruit trees on the Magazine Beach playing fields or in the Destroyed Nesting Area to which the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese have been heartlessly confined and starved.

2. Censored response on Magazine Beach and the Destroyed Nesting area.

I submitted the following response to a comment supporting fruit trees on the Magazine Beach playing fields. My response, of course, was censored. Slight correction of typos.


There is ample room at the Magazine Beach playing fields for planting of an orchard because of the drainage system built to drain off the poisons needed to keep alive the sickly grass which was introduced in place of the responsible grass which was destroyed that survived the better part of a century.

This sickly grass is scheduled to replace healthy grass on the hillside and in the wetlands behind the swimming pool.

This behavior is so irresponsible that that was the reason for the corrupt tactics in the vote rubber stamping the state bureaucrats, their destructive behavior and their lies of omission.

All that is necessary to reverse this outrage is to spend the money being spent sewing on poisons on sewing responsible grass seed for the grass which was destroyed with no public notice in advance and corrupt tactics to keep it there.

Once responsible grass is put back in place, then the bureaucrats do not need the fancy drainage system to drain off the poisons, and that very large area could be used for an orchard instead.

There also was a suggestion to plant the apple trees in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. That would be fought by the bureaucrats because the heartless abuse furthers their goal of killing off all animals residing in the Charles River Basin.

An excellent spot for a tree or two would be the place where the bureaucrats dumped all that crushed stone after the railroad workers left. The railroad workers were highly irresponsible with their belligerent destruction through parking of the most sensitive part of the Destroyed Nesting Area, the area most beloved by the Charles River White Geese. The bureaucrats then made the situation that much worse.

The problems at Magazine Beach are outrageous and easy to fix. That makes the corrupt tactics being used to keep those problems in place that much more outrageous.

3. Response from George Despotes.

I agree (and “sow” instead of “sew”.)

4. The Cambridge Machine’s Corrupt fight for massive fruit tree destruction.

Buried in the bowels of the outrageous stolen vote on the Charles River was fine print in the fine print supporting the bureaucrats fight to destroy hundreds of trees between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Longfellow Bridge. This is included in Governor Patrick’s House Bill H-3332

As part of the hundreds of trees being destroyed, the bureaucrats, with the support of the Cambridge Machine, want to destroy pretty much every cherry tree between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge.

5. “Minka”, Cheung, Kelley and environmental destruction, Alewife and the Cambridge Common.

Councilor “Minka” is a self proclaimed environmentalist. City Councilors who call themselves environmentalists are the worst members. By being on the city council, they are taking seats which would go to responsible people if it were not for the institutional lying which is normal in the City of Cambridge. “Minka” is one of nine city councilors (out of nine) who support the destruction of 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common.

I reported the vote at

She has explained her position to a third party.

Translated into English, her position translates into “The Development Department made me do it.” She, of course, communicated that she was relying on their expertise in tree destruction.

I was discussing her destruction on the Cambridge Common with her in front of a political meeting a few weeks ago. We were in the middle of a bunch of people, and Coiuncilor Cheung passed by.

I loudly asked Councilor Cheung when the destruction of the 22 trees he voted for on the Cambridge Common was about to start. He ignored me.

“Minka” in a public meeting broadly cooed about how she was saving the environment at Alewife. I asked her about the destruction of acres of irreplaceable forest in the exact area she was discussing, and about the imminent destruction of apparently all publicly owned forest at Alewife.

She changed the subject.

I reported a motion by Councilor Kelly on the Cambridge Common destruction at This motion called for all targeted trees to be marked for the public’s information. The motion passed. Then there was a walk through. The trees have not been marked. I presume the walk through communicated to the councilors just exactly how irresponsible their vote had been.

I reported on the environmental notification form with its admission of massive destruction at

Photos of the planned destruction on the Cambridge Common are posted at

Caveat: please do not think that these comments on “Minka” and Cheung and Kelley are in any way an endorsement of other Cambridge City Council candidates.

I see no reason yet to think there is any seriously pro environment candidate in the bunch, incumbents or challengers, although I am trying to prod.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Cambridge, MA, City Council talks Discrimination Case, and does not want to know reality

1. Committee meets concerning Monteiro v. Cambridge.
2. The case.
3. The message of judge, jury and appeals court.
4. The response of the Cambridge City Council.
5. Missing complainants.
6. Confusion?

1. Committee meets concerning Monteiro v. Cambridge.

Cambridge Day has posted a report on Civic Unity Committee meeting concerning discrimination in Cambridge Government. There are two essentially identically named committees and the reporters never distinguish which is the one they are talking about. This sounds like the City Council committee. It is posted at:

2. The case.

Monteiro v. City of Cambridge concerned a women’s rights complaint filed by the head of the city’s Police Review Board. She is a black Cape Verdean female. After filing the complaint, she was fired.

She lost the underlying complaint but won overwhelmingly on an added complaint that her firing was retaliation. The jury awarded about $1.1 million underlying damages and $3.5 million penal damages. The penal damages were more than three times the basic award. Clearly the jury was sending a message to the City of Cambridge that the City Manager’s firing of this woman and destroying her life in retaliation was very much unacceptable.

The judge wrote an excellent opinion which has routinely been summarized in one word, “Reprehensible.”

Cambridge appealed. The Appeals Court panel treated the appeal with disgust. It refused to dignify the appeal with a formal opinion, writing of “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”

3. The message of judge, jury and appeals court.

Nothing complicated about these communications, extreme malfeasance in office.

City Manager Robert Healy had judge, jury and appeals court telling the City Council of the City of Cambridge that they should fire City Manager Robert Healy for malfeasance in office by his retaliatory firing of Malvina Monteiro for filing that civil rights complaint.

The decision undisputedly supported his firing. The only real question raised was whether he should be fired without pension.

4. The response of the Cambridge City Council.

The poor dears sat on their hands. Exactly zero city councilors meaningfully attempted to implement the clear directives of judge, jury and appeals court. Exactly zero city councilors meaningfully attempted to fire Robert Healy.

The city council funded the appeals process. One columnist for the Boston Globe called the appeal beyond the bounds of reason.

At one point way after all the negative comments, some city councilors filed a motion to chastize Robert Healy. Some Councilors who filed the motion to chastize proceeded to move to put the motion on the table.

5. Missing complainants.

There are more such complaints being heard and people present for the hearing mentioned those complaints.

Robert Healy has honorably retired. His replacement insists he would not mistreat any complainant.

But no complainants showed up.

6. Confusion?

The poor dears could not understand why no complainants showed up.

The poor dears sound so holier than thou.

The poor dears cannot understand why people complaining of discrimination would not do so publicly.

But then again, judge, jury and appeals court gave the Cambridge City Council ample grounds, a final court decision giving them grounds to fire Healy for malfeasance in office.

And exactly zero city councilors attempted to fire Robert Healy.

But they are putting on yet more pious shows telling folks how holy they are.

And they have a massive machine telling people how holy they are.

And they cannot understand why complainants are not showing up.

They cannot possibly be so stupid.