Sunday, June 17, 2012

More destruction on the Charles? The Charles River “Conservancy” gets money to plan.

1. Some evaluations of a strikingly bad organization.
2. More “underpasses” proposed again, this time on the Boston side.
3. Caveat.

1. Some evaluations of a strikingly bad organization.

When we last visited the Charles River “Conservancy” on June 2, 2012, the poor dears were looking for money.

I provided five pages on their real record, the environment destruction and heartless animal abuse.

On May 2, the poor dears had had printed a letter in the Cambridge Chronicle crying that they were being unfairly mistreated. My response printed by the Cambridge Chronicle pointed out how they were lying about which side they are on and the treatment was highly fair, if you are pro environment.

Well, they are looking for more money.

A joint committee of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation condemned the CRC’s proposal for a new highway on and in the Cambridge side of the Charles River. They condemned the proposal as environmentally destructive.

The euphemism was “underpasses”. My response went into the massive tree destruction, general environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse involved. After a strikingly long list (in 400 words) I decided that “Conservancy” in their name is a lie.

2. More “underpasses” proposed again, this time on the Boston side.

Well, they are fighting for “underpasses” again, same three bridges, just the Boston side.

Let’s see, the bureaucrats responsibly condemned their proposal on the north end of these bridges. So they are fighting for environmental destruction on the south end of the same bridges?

The following is an unauthorized copy of their map, reproduced under the doctrine of fair use.

The Anderson (Harvard Square), Western Avenue and River Street Bridges are the subjects of this attack. The lower / southern side of the river is Boston, the other side Cambridge. Their “underpasses" proposed for the north side have been condemned. The south side is under attack this week.

The next bridge to the right / East, the BU Bridge, is the core of their most successful environmental destruction / heartless animal abuse to date, thanks to the “reprehensible” (quoting that civil rights judge) City of Cambridge with fake group support.

The CRC is getting money from the “Barr Foundation” for making plans on condition that others match the funds. The CRC is seeking the matching money to plan this environmental destruction.

3. Caveat.

My above links go into more detail about the destructiveness of this falsely named group. A couple of points here might help clarify my above comments.

My comment above concerning the BU Bridge is an understatement. Twice a year, on behalf of the DCR, the CRC destroys all bordering vegetation on the Charles River Basin except for the massive introduced wall of vegetation at Magazine Beach. Because of the starvation of the Charles River White Geese by that massive wall, letting it grow is much more environmentally destructive than chopping it down.

Additionally, last I heard, the CRC was annually poisoning the eggs of as much migratory waterfowl as they can get away with.