Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alewife destruction letters posted by Cambridge Chronicle

A few days ago, I posted the first submitted draft of a letter to the Cambridge Chronicle on the impending destruction of the irreplaceable core Alewife reservation by Cambridge, MA, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and their fake groups.

I rewrote the letter to moderate the tone and resubmitted.

Today, 9/21/11, the Chronicle has posted a shortened version of the letter.

Omitted is the fact that the destruction of the core Alewife reservation is totally unnecessary because there is a massive parking lot across the way which could readily hold much more than the flood storage that the core reservation is being destroyed for.

It is being printed along with a letter from Marilyn Wellons making the omitted point.

Nice combination. It will be interesting to see the hard copy. Thank you Chronicle.