Friday, April 17, 2015

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage in Context

Charles River — Cambridge Common Outrage in Context

1. Introduction.

The most important thing to remember about the Cambridge Common Outrage is that it is a pittance in comparison to what Cambridge and its friends are working to destroy on the Charles River.

The second most important thing is that the real rotters are clearly exposed.  The nine (out of nine) environmentally vile members of the Cambridge City Council have nobody to hide behind, no lies that even the most determinedly stupid will believe.

No fake groups running around lying that they are defending and telling folks not to look at the coming outrage.  None of their belligerently corrupt tactics.

The Cambridge Common is squarely on the shoulders of the nine (out of nine) environmentally vile members of the Cambridge City Council.

2. What it looks like on the City of Cambridge’s map.

I have been able to find an official Cambridge map of the Harvard Square area.  I have cropped it to show Harvard Square proper and the destroyed part of the Cambridge Common, realizing that more destruction, like on Memorial Drive, is likely coming.

I have marked the map 1 through 6 to better localize this particularly

I am going to reprint photos and align the photos to the area on the map.  The most important thing to notice, however, is that the key area of destruction is the most publicly prominent part of the Cambridge Common, the entrance cacing Harvard Square.  On the map, that is point number 5.

This is my standard before picture.  It is taken from area number 5.  The pathway straight ahead is that pathway running from area 5, the entrance, to area 6, the area around the monument.  To the right is area 1 and Massachusetts Avenue.  To the left is area 3 and Garden Street.  Just barely visible to the left is the smaller monument which appears in many pictures.

This is my now current after picture.  The monument in area 6 is now highly visible.  It was formerly obscured by, horrors, excellent trees.  To the right is area 1.  Visible through area 1, NOW, is a Harvard building which formerly housed the JFK School of Government.

Notice the lamppost to the right and the now destroyed second tree.

There used to be trees straight ahead in area 4, on the corner and to the left, directly in front of the monument.  The photo is ahead of the remnants of the tree to the left in the before picture.

Here is the before picture and the couple a bit further ahead.

Look at all the trees which have been destroyed.

Closeup of some of the destroyed trees in area 3.  You can see cones but not all the outrage is marked by cones.

Repeating the map.

Looking from area 4 through area 2 at Harvard’s former JFK School.  You can see one destroyed tree straight ahead.  and to its right, one of the trees on the area 2 side which lined the entry path.  There is a cone to the far right and, to the left of the lamppost, what appears to be a stump.

Panning toward Garden Street through area 3 is the smaller monument.

To the left of the not destroyed tree is a stump without a cone and there appears to be a cone further over.  To the far left may be another destroyed tree.

Area 4, Garden Street to the right.  Area 5, the entrance, straight ahead.  The cone visible above the monument to its right is probably the destroyed first tree to the original left of the path, right at the entrance to the Cambridge Common.

This is from area 6, the main circle around the big monument.  An excellent tree destroyed straight ahead.  I am not certain what the nearer destruction cone denotes.

Giving you the original before picture again.

This is the opposite view of the before picture.  It is clear that ALL the trees lining that path have been savagely destroyed and the tree which was in the middle of area 4.  The church in the background is on the other side of the Old Burial Ground (map, below).  This was hidden before the outrage.  Look at the distance on that map.

Looking across the central plaza, you see Garden Street on the other side of three destruction cones.  The tall Harvard School of Education shows on the map.  This is Appian Way.

Panning further back, you are looking through the point on the map.  “Cambridge Common” is marked over part of this destruction area.

Two destruction cones are straight ahead, 1 stump without a destruction cone, and there is another destruction cone to the right.

Panning back to the Harvard Square Entrance (5) (on left), you can see a minimum of four destruction cones in areas 3 and 4.

Photo of the destroyed tree at the beginning, near area 5, in area 1.  The excellent tree to the right is almost certainly marked for death.

From outside the entrance.  The first two trees on the right clearly destroyed, area 1.  Everything clearly destroyed on the left.

And these folks are targeting the Charles River, lying of environmental sainthood.