Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Cambridge Common: Another Target of Cambridge Environmental Destruction, part 1

1. Introduction.
2. Photos preceding an outrage.
3. Who benefits?

1. Introduction.

I have, in recent days, publicized the imminent outrage of hundreds of trees slated for destruction on Memorial Drive as a result of House Bill H4009.

The running feature of defense of the City of Cambridge and its friends is “They would never stoop so low.”  But this is blatantly false.

The outrages at Magazine Beach were justified by the same nonsense, plus flat out lies and omissions.

Our report on that was published at

We have reported on the outrages at Alewife.  Photos of that destruction are posted at

One prior group of photos of the destruction in H4009 was posted at

The destruction plans are posted at

This afternoon, I stopped by the Cambridge Common.  Nine city councilors voted to destroy 28 excellent trees there and, to my surprise, they have not yet been destroyed.  Four of the guilty have departed, all well deserved, but unfortunately, one was a promotion.

Five remain.  Four of the incumbents hands are only starting to get filthy.

I say starting to get filthy because those trees are still there, as are the hundreds of trees on the Charles River, and any city councilor or other pol who says “It’s too late” is flat out lying.

There is a lot of lying behind the engine of environmental destruction which is the City of Cambridge, MA, USA and its friends.  And, any pol who has been elected has no business claiming stupidity.

One prior report on the outrage at the Cambridge Common is at:

Remember most of the targeted trees are being destroyed because they block the view.

2. Photos preceding an outrage.

This is a preliminary report.  I see that I accidentally shot a bunch of movies.  So you are getting seven photos with stills from movies to come.

In the next report, the first photo will says everything once I get turned into a still.

An organize spot was placed on the tree.  It was blocked out with a comment not to destroy.

I will not do a detailed analysis.  There is one in the prior report.  The first three photos are of trees in the area threatened.  These photos were taken before I was certain what the orange dot means.  The prior report goes into detail as to which are threatened.  More than one of these excellent trees are threatened.

The final four photos are of many trees clearly under attack by Cambridge and its friends.  These photos were photographed because of the orange dot marking them for destruction.  This will be explained by the first still in the follow on report.

I see a severe defect in photographing to get the spot.  I had to get so close that excellent trees with excellent limbs way up look bare because, if I photographed the top, I would not be able to photograph the spot.  A photo from a further distance which included the line of trees which contains the second and fourth tree in this group is the third photo in the above group of photos I took.  And there are others in the first three photos.

The real purpose of those first three photos was that I saw a lot of threatened trees and photographed the bunch without trying to pick out individually threatened trees.

Realizing this problem, I may or may not edit the movies to get out stills.

3. Who benefits?

Contractors get paid for destroying trees.

Contractors get paid for planting saplings and other grossly inferior replacements.

“Planners” get paid to plan destruction.  Fire a bunch of “planners” and there will be much less destruction.

And a lot of folks in the fake “protective” groups protecting the outrages fall into these categories of beneficiaries, directly or indirectly.

And a whole bunch of office holders lying that they are environmentalists benefit because the Cambridge Machine will very aggressively agree with their lie.  Remember the secret definition of “environmentalism” among these people.  “Environmentalism” in Cambridge, MA, among the Cambridge Machine, is protecting that part of the environment which is NOT being destroyed by Cambridge / its friends this week.

Folks who earn their living destroying our world have a black ball policy.  If any of them MEANINGFULLY stands up to outrages, no matter how irresponsible, they are blackballed.  If they lie, claim there are “defending” and con good people into doing the opposite of what those folks want to do, these are people who are “getting things done.”  Instead of a special place in Hell, to their accomplices, these are folks to look up to