Saturday, June 23, 2012

Charles River “Conservancy”’s map of its proposed destruction

Following up on the CRC report below from 6/22/12, the Anderson (Harvard Square), Western Avenue and River Street Bridges are the next three highway bridges to the west of the BU Bridge which, in turn, is the core of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese, at least was the core of their habitat until these destructive people started heartlessly abusing them.

This is the CRC’s map pushing their apparent attempt to go around the responsible bureaucrats who condemned their construction in the Charles River and on its banks as environmentally irresponsible.

Our prior post reports on the CRC bragging that it is using state representatives to get around the condemnation of the Department of Transportation as part of a joint report with the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Naturally, as usual, the reality, the circumventing of the responsible evaluation of their plans, is omitted from the CRC bragging. Posted at