Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sachuest Point, Rhode Island,, a Visit to a Responsibly Managed Habitat.

Sachuest Point, Rhode Island,, a Visit to a Responsibly Managed Habitat.

The following is a facebook exchange which started about about 12:30 pm on July 7, 2014, and ended maybe half an hour ago.

It is self explanatory, except that I have added a few more photographs.

7/7/14, 12:30 pm

Happily sitting in Starbucks with a view of the Newport Harbor, waiting for call time on the Woody Allen flick.

The photo [ed: the third above] is of where I spent my morning, my favorite part of Newport, Sachuest Point.

I did so much Google Mapping on this gig that getting from there to here was the first time I have not gotten lost leaving Sachuest Point.


My comment:

It is between Second Beach and Third Beach, not well known.


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3:30 pm

Glad your happy ! Beautiful picture! God bless my friend! Have a wonderful. day!


9:30 pm

Good for you,Dude!


7/8/14, 4:30 am

Live it up Robert, I am stuck in California 4 now, there is no such beauty here as I knew it in Massachusetts ! -- proud of u 4 going there and enjoying yourself.


My post about 8:30 am, 7/8

I used to spend a fair amount of time at Sachuest Point.

Now, I visit it whenever possible, usually when I am in or around Newport on acting business.

In striking contrast to the Charles River, this place has been intelligently managed.

30 years ago, it was a large picnic area with decent size parking lots abutting the ocean.

The feds closed it to auto access and drastically reduced parking to a much smaller area at the entrance. They created a few paths by driving through ATVs, and putting up off limit signs.

Most of the off limit signs are no longer visible. Most have probably been removed as intrusive and no longer needed. The signed off areas have been overwhelmed with natural vegetation.

The former, and many parking lots are still down there, but nature has taken care of them, piece by piece. And the place has gone back to nature.