Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 373, The Goose Meadow before Governor Patrick's Heartless Animal Abuse, What should be done

I have been able to find two pictures in electronic form of the Goose Meadow this year. They were photographed in the first two weeks of July.

The first view is of the location of the two demolition vehicles. This is the area the gaggle immediately inspected once they realized the immediate danger was gone. They used a lot of it for nesting. The portion not destroyed had had significant damage in the last two years by the DCR. The destruction of this area is totally without value. It is being done for staging that should be put under Memorial Drive.

The second is of the area toward the BU Bridge, looking toward the trees.

The project has been timed to maximize environmental destruction and animal harm. The timing should be changed to do exactly the opposite.

If we were dealing with other than heartless animal abusers, the Charles River White Geese would be allowed to return to their home for most of the last 30 years, Magazine Beach and to visit the nesting area as they deem fit.

Access to Magazine Beach is blocked by a bizarre starvation wall of introduced vegetation. The front organization, Charles River Conservancy, has bragged that blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles River with this bizarre wall helps swimming. The key liar has publicly bragged that he starves the Charles River White Geese with this wall. That bizarre wall should be chopped down.

Additionally, poisons being dumped on the formerly green playing fields should stop, and the expensive drainage system should be filled in. The drainage system supposedly drains the poisons out of Magazine Beach to keep them out of the Charles River. You do not dump poisons, you do not need the drainage. Notwithstanding this, it is inconceivable the drainage system would work in major flooding, which would obviously dump poisons in the Charles which should not be used on the banks of the Charles.

Half the destruction is unnecessary and dumb. The destruction in the north part of the goose meadow is for staging that should be placed under Memorial Drive, but we are dealing with very destructive people.