Saturday, April 23, 2011

Massive tree destruction

I am posting part of seven photos taken of this grove on March 29, 2011. All are posted on the Charles River White Geese page on facebook.

This is an excellent 105 tree grove slated for devastation as part of Cambridge and Mass.’ ongoing destruction of the Charles River Environment and heartless animal abuse.

It is located to the east of the Goose Ghetto between the Memorial Drive split and the Charles River.

This destruction is only part of the 449 to 660 trees slated for destruction between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge as part of related projects.

These trees were included in the search for Obama moneys last year which may or may not be still contuing. They would be destroyed to put in a new highway which would be both constructed in the Charles and in abutting wetlands. The highway construction would exacerbate the ongoing heartless animal abuse.

The new highway would duplicate a highway on the Boston side which is closed at night because of the muggings and rapes. The Boston closure is one of many things the pols do not want to know.

The pols call themselves “environmentalists. They only ask that you talk about everything except the environment they are destroying.