Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nesting area of Charles River White Geese Turned into a Parking Lot

All of these were taken on December 4, 2012, on Analog film which was returned on December 9.

The comments I have previously made are very good. Links are at the end. I will try to add a little analysis. Basically, my prior comments work very well. There is no need to overdue the analysis.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 03-23, 12-04, DNA]

This photo is taken from the area next to the Charles a little west of the BU Bridge. It was untouched during the BU Bridge repairs although, like the rest of the area between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse perhaps half a mile to the east, has had major destruction of ground vegetation by the Charles River Conservancy. The view is up through the undeveloped swath next to the BU Bridge where the Commuter Rail outrage has forced the scared Charles River White Geese.

[12-12, Walgreen’s,04-22, 12-04, DNA]

To the right is the support for the Grand Junction Bridge. The vehicle is standing on the tracks. The area nearest the camera is the key part of the habitat.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 05-21, 12-04, DNA]

The area nearest the camera is the far portion of the area in the photo shown a number of times in the prior reports. That photo showed nature healing itself as many spots of green. The gray nearest the camera is massive amounts of dumped crushed stone. The area away from the camera is the eastern highway created by the DCR’s destructive ‘improvements’. Major dumping of stone on that highway is shown in later photos.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 06-20, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 07-19, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 08-18, 12-04, DNA]

The yellow vehicle is for work on the bridge. It almost certainly runs on rails and, along with the red vehicle at the far end of the bridge, was brought in from the Beacon Yards, straight ahead and to the right. These are the vehicles needed for the work. Almost all of the wheeled vehicles, with responsible entities, would have been left under Memorial Drive.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 09-17, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 10-16, 12-04, DNA]

This is the opposite view from the first shot, taken up the emptied area next to the BU Bridge. The Charles River White Geese are huddled as near as they dare next to vegetation which has not been destroyed. The geese to their left would be the ones seen up close in the first shot.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 11-15, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 12-14, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 13-13, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 14-12, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 15-11, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 16-10, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 17-09, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 18-08, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 19-07, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 20-06, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 21-05, 12-04, DNA]

At this point, the gaggle got up the nerve to move further from the river. The corner in the plastic wall is the separation between the area (nearest) which needed to be cleared for work on the BU Bridge and the area (further away) which was simply destructive. But note in the other pictures the crushed stone dumped on top of crushed stone on the new highway created in this eastern, totally unnecessary, leg.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 22-04, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 23-03, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 24-02, 12-04, DNA]

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