Friday, February 17, 2012

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife — Photo Evidence

The following is the transmittal document and photo evidence (reduced in size here) transmitted to the Cambridge Chronicle on February 16, 2012.

If Cambridge, MA, had a responsible city government, it would negotiate with Richie McKinnon, the owner of the parking lot shown in Photo #7. It stretches behind the building to the left and follows the commuter rail to Alewife Brook Parkway.

I am not certain but I think he owns the entire massive parking lot.

Flood storage to protect Alewife, North Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont from fifty year storms or more should be constructed under that parking lot combined with Richie’s project on air rights. Richie should be compensated for whatever costs might be added to his project by the delay.

As for this environmental outrage, created as a very major part out of the “Silver Maple Forest” scam, Cambridge and the state should stop work and walk away from it.

Post signs, front and rear, calling this outrage the “Ellen Mass Memorial Wasteland” and let nature heal what a reprehensible (to quote that civil rights judge) city council destroyed in a month. The contractors have had too much pork at the expense of the environment.

Included on the sign as evidence of their infamy (in the same manner as so many responsible projects) should be the names of the Cambridge City Manager and the members of the Cambridge City Council plus the responsible state bureaucrats (including the governor) in October 2011 when the outrage was done.


The mantra of the Cambridge Pols: Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at how great we sound when we yell at the other guys.

These photos were taken on February 16, 2012. The trees around the artificially created moonscape are the same trees these hypocrites destroyed to create the moonscape.

The fake flood protection will protect against two year storms. The massive parking lot across Cambridge Park Drive can readily be used to provide the needed protection, against 50 years storms, two of which have occurred during the past twenty years.

You are authorized to print one or more of these seven photos, giving me credit.

You have done so on the con game fundraiser with regard to photos taken by Ellen Mass who fought for this destruction for 15 years, lying that she was defending Alewife, which she has admitted in a letter to the editor by praising the destruction.

The photos are identified by the sequence in which I am sending them combined with the sequence number assigned by the processor, i.e. #1 (019A).

The first six photos will be my shots from 2/16/12. The seventh is my photo from June 30, 2011, of the parking lot where the flood storage belongs and which can hold in combination with the project now going through city reviews.


Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #1 (019A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #2 (020A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #3 (021A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #4 (022A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #5 (023A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #6 (024A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #7 (6/30/11)

For my analysis of Richie McKinnon and his project, please see