Sunday, October 04, 2015

Charles River: Massive Tree Destruction Appears Imminent on Memorial Drive

Charles River:  Massive Tree Destruction Appears Imminent on Memorial Drive

This report is being written from the Starbucks across from the Department of Conservation and Recreation / Cambridge threatened Magazine Beach area.

The time is 1:54 pm.

I just came from a construction zone.

I crossed the Mass. Ave. Bridge over the Charles River (the first bridge east of the BU Bridge).  Then I turned left, and, all of a sudden, I was in a construction zone.

I saw trees bordered up for “protection” in the same manner as 10 bad Cambridge City Councilors did before they destroyed “unprotected” trees when those city councilors destroyed the Cambridge Common.  This would, almost certainly, be the first step in destruction authorized by that $24 million out of the State House last year.

The DCR just finished going to a fake hearing designed to lie of their responsible behavior.

That fake hearing supposedly sought input on more destruction at Magazine Beach.  It was organized by the usual fake groups which are fighting for destruction by bragging about protecting “everything” and then telling people not to look at what they are fighting to destroy.

Well, these trees are part of what they are fighting to destroy.

And it was not mentioned at the saintly proceeding on Wednesday night.

Destruction plans as I provided them to the vile Cambridge City Council are posted at

They were loudly neutral.

Interestingly, the Cambridge City Manager has been running around bragging about all the good he is doing on the Charles River.  Of course, the current Cambridge City Manager, in his prior position, managed the outrage at Magazine Beach.

Then again City Councilors keep claiming to have no responsibility for the Charles River.

City Councilors and their accomplices are running telling people to look at the Grand Junction, ignoring the bad stuff in that proposal, the bad stuff on the Cambridge Common, and all that destruction coming from the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Standard pitch: Do not look at the terrible things we are doing.  We tell you we are saints.  Look at what we tell you to look at.  Does not looking with blinders on prove we are saints?