Saturday, October 24, 2015

Charles River: Logging preliminary photos - third group of photos.

Charles River: Logging preliminary photos - third group of photos.

1. Summary.
2. Third Photos from 10/22/15.
3. Past Reports in THIS series, and a communication showing everything to a bad city council.

1. Summary.

This is the most recent report on the imminent logging by the Department of Conservation and Recreation on Memorial Drive on the Charles River.

My blog will not handle all the photos at once.  So I am presenting them in sequence.  This follows on prior reports with the destruction plans and other photos.

The “approvals” received by the DCR for this outrage are non existent.  They simply asked for money without saying what they were doing.  The DCR has announced a second public meeting for the irresponsible, but far less destructive proposal at Magazine Beach.  That proceeds with the fraud of being a responsible entity.

Naturally, the massive destruction is kept as secret as possible.

As near as I can figure out, the lobbying effort in the legislature amounted to the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” showing a petition for underpasses under three bridges further out on the Charles.  It appears that they lied that the petition for underpasses supported this massive destruction, without, of course, mentioning the destruction.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” openly supported this destruction about ten years ago when fraud was not the in thing.  The destruction has not changed.  Fraud is now the open tool.

The past gross irresponsibility of the DCR’s predecessor resulted in serious punishment of its predecessor by the legislature, but the predecessor lives on in the DCR and the DCR now is grossly irresponsible.

2. Photos from 10/22/15, third grouping.

These photos start with the last photo of the last grouping.  You can see the trees which are not being destroyed behind the fence.

It proceeds through the strand of condemned and excellent cherry trees across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The orange mark of death is on the side toward the street of EVERY cherry tree shown.

The closely cropped bordering vegetation shown is the norm on the Charles River.  The 16 foot high introduced wall of vegetation at Magazine Beach is unusual, but it has a purpose.  It is designed to and has been allowed to grow to starve the Charles River White Geese.  Fraud of omission is the in thing.

The wasteland situation is, in part, attributable to coordination between the DCR and the City of Cambridge.  Cambridge destroyed targeted trees in this area supposedly as part of a sewer project.

It is possible that unprotected trees may yet be protected.  I cannot wait until they are done protecting the few trees they are not destroying.  By then it will be too late.

Off in the distance at the end is the magnificent grove of 105 cherry trees at the Memorial Drive split.  Last I recall, 83 were slated for destruction.

4. Past Reports in THIS series, and a communication showing everything to a bad city council.

a. DCR Destruction Plans as provided to Cambridge City Council by me on April 1, 2014, full publication of plans in post:
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